Friday, March 22, 2013

The new baby is here!

Oh man, blog land! Here I am once again!

For the last week and a half I have been busy with this:


Luckily Mr. Hank is (so far) a pretty laid back baby. He spends his days and nights sleeping and eating. His sister loves him already but her jealousy is peeking through from time to time (for example, she yelled at him for using *her* changing table yesterday).

He was born at home. Many people keep telling me that I am brave for having my baby at home, but I don't really feel like the decision makes me braver than any other mother. We thought having him at home was the best decision for our family. I'd already had one complication-free birth (at a free-standing birth center), I suspected that a subsequent birth would happen very quickly (the first was only 8 hours start to finish), I knew it would be the most comfortable place for me to labor on my own terms, and that our little boy would not be subjected to unwanted germs or hospital procedures. I wouldn't recommend it for everyone, but it was an amazing experience for us. And of course, every mother is brave, who goes into this unknown territory of creating a new person. You don't know the outcome for you, or the baby, not to mention the fact that you are responsible for this little person for the rest of your lives! That's the *real* scary part.

And I should mention I was right about him arriving fast. 3 hours in we decided to tell the midwife to make her way to our house. Her apprentice made it here about 10 minutes before he was born, and our midwife was 2 minutes late! A grand total of 4 hours. Whew!

We're trying to spend a lot of quiet time together getting acquainted.


Something that I didn't expect about having a second baby is that although he is super awesome, and I love him a whole lot already, it's sort of a strange feeling because he's not Virginia. I don't know who this little person is yet. I do feel my love growing, though. There is enough for everyone!

In the small flickers of time I now have, I'm still readying myself for my upcoming gallery show in May.

Im finding very small bits of time to work. Gallery show May 3rd!

I tried to have all my work wrapped up before Hank came, but he was 11 days early (we weren't really surprised by that, honestly). So now I am going to be finishing up my loose ends whenever I can.

I'm still on sabbatical  from my regular illustration work (including portraits), but if you have any projects you'd like to discuss with me that you don't need till sometime in the summer, please don't hesitate to contact me! I will be slowly getting back into the groove over the next few months. Thanks everyone!

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Little White Paw said...

Congratulations on your cute baby boy! That's a super fast birth! We are planning for a home birth too (as you might already know from my blog). It just feels right for us this time around. I think the most important thing when deciding on where to birth is that you are somewhere you are comfortable and with people you trust and feel comfortable with too. I know Oona will having similar moments of jealousy when adjusting to the new baby, but I think the closeness in age, as with your two, will help foster a friendship that will be life long. I know I will have my own moments too of adjusting to an unfamiliar little person and mixed emotions about a change in my connection with Oona... but luckily babies make it easy to love them, and there will be still be plenty of love to give to your big girl. I hope you are doing well in your postpartum, and having a fast recovery to go with your fast birth! Best wishes to your family!