Friday, December 30, 2011

And so the year draws to a close.


Christmas with a 14 month old was much more fun than Christmas with a 2 month old.


Virginia loves the (many) gifts that light up and play (horrendous repeating) songs she received from family. Brandon and I knew those gifts were coming her way, so we tried to balance it out by making her a few things. We also gave her a "Band in a Box" so she can make her own songs, and many books (including Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus).

(She makes funny faces because of the bright lights on the camera :)

Here is the kitty I made her:

It does not meow on its own, but she loves it just the same.

Brandon and I also decided to hand make all the gifts we gave out to our families. Among the many things we made were:

Turtle Popcorn

Manly Mustard
(Made from an Ancient Roman Recipe! We're going to use ours this week with some roasted pork.)

Relaxing body lotion
(Bee&Kitten is a fake business name I made up for an imaginary cosmetic company my friend Megan and I have.)

Brandon and I thought it would be fun to give each product its own identity and special treatment for the package design. I think he did an amazing job creating all the different logos.

Next year we may not be so ambitious to hand make EVERY gift we give, but if we do have to buy anything we hope it will be from small businesses and/or handmade shops.

How was your Christmas?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oh hi, it is me! Did you think I had disappeared? Because I really thought I did.

This holiday season is kicking my behind like never before, but it's ok! Being busy with work means that my little family can eat and live in a house and sometimes do fun things like get sushi (Virginia really loves spicy salmon ... just kidding).

What have I been busy with you ask? Mainly portraits. Here is one I just finished up for a repeat customer:

Merry Kissmas

This family is great to work with, and they must think I do a pretty good job since they keep coming back for more. This is their Christmas card this year.

I have also been to several holiday craft shows this season, including the Bloomington Handmade Market, The Crafty Supermarket, Art Vs. Craft, and Renegade Chicago. Tomorrow I'll be at an awesome Yelp party in downtown Indianapolis, and then Bizarre Bazaar over the weekend and then I'm DONE! With shows. Will still have to finish up 2+ portraits. But then it will be Cordial Christmas Break! At last. Maybe I will work on that needlepoint I started LAST Christmas break. hmm.

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