Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Things have been quite hectic around here.

I made this drawing:
fox and yarn web

And this one:
debby herbenick final web
And some more, but they are secrets.

In other business news, I decided my skin had once again become thick enough to try looking for an illustration agent (this happens about once a year or every two years). It has been a pretty rocky road on my way to getting an agent. It is more or less nothing but rejection, which can be kind of hard to take. I usually end up crawling back into my hole to nurse my ego, and to try to continue getting by on my own. I know all it takes is that one person who really loves my work, and who is in the right place to take on a new client, but I just haven't come across that person yet. I try to tell myself that the rejection I am getting isn't (usually) a direct blow to my craft, but is usually more of a personal taste issue. When I think of it that way I feel a bit better.

In personal news, Virginia turned one!

Personalized cupcake stand from Vessels and Wares.

Party hat tutorial on Oh, Happy Day!





It was a really lovely day, and a pretty successful party.

Maybe later I will tell you about the pumpkin eating dinosaur we saw today ...