Monday, September 12, 2011

My lovely studio mate Kathryn Dart and I are back from vending at Renegade. Man, it was a trip. A real trip!

We decided to drive into Chicago early in the morning on the first day of the fair, which was this past Saturday. That could have proved disastrous, but it was ok. We were bleary eyed, but with coffee in hand we soldiered on.

It was quite foggy, which made for a mysterious hour or so at the beginning of our journey. We were chatting and laughing, heading into the abyss when suddenly cars were STOPPED RIGHT IN FRONT OF US! They just materialized out of the fog, too quick for us to stop. Luckily there was quite a large shoulder and Kathryn headed that way to safety. Before we had a chance to process what just happened, traffic was already moving. We could see a ghostly semi-truck turned sideways off the other shoulder, which caused the whole thing.

After that things were more uneventful. For awhile.

Of course I forgot my camera (and my toothbrush. and my beautiful stock inventory sheet), but here is a picture I stole from the Renegade flickr set:

9th Annual Renegade Craft Fair Chicago

Our tent was somewhere to the right of that balloon man.

We ended up being right next to the Yard Sale Press, which is nuts because I was right next to them at the Handmade Arcade in Pittsburgh back in ... May or whenever that was.

We had a long and busy first day, and ended it by meeting up with my best friend from grade school, Chrystan. We hadn't seen each other in probably about 10 years, but thanks to the magic of facebook we've been connected for a little while. She was nice and brave enough to let two silly girls stay in her apartment overnight, so we took her out for the most healthy dinner of all: macaroni and gouda and fries.

The second day was also busy and tiring. At the end, we packed up quick, and Kathryn went to get the car. She was gone FOREVER. She called to tell me she couldn't get onto the street yet, and then her phone died. She was gone for forever again, then suddenly appeared on foot. She parked just as far away, if not further, b/c she kept getting turned around, and didn't know what to do. Eventually we could see cars were driving onto the street, so she went back out to the car again. All the tents around me were packed up, my friendly neighbors were wanting to leave, and were wary of leaving me standing there alone in the middle of the street. But finally, there she was! Yay! We packed up, then decided to hit up the bakery one more time for road cupcakes. After a moment of sheer terror thinking she just locked the keys in the car with it still running and the gas tank on empty (it wasn't locked), we got our sweet treats and were finally off.

And then we got pulled over for speeding in a construction zone. Someone was watching out for us because we left with only a warning.

Then finally finally finally, after hours of driving into the night, eating french fries, identifying mysterious looking night-windmills, we made it home and I was never happier.

Until I discovered way in the back, trying to hide from my toothbrush and floss, I have my first cavity. Crap.

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