Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Life has been busy around here, but we still try to find some time for quiet contemplation.


Yesterday morning I woke up to bring Mona her breakfast outside, and realized it was definitely sweater weather. 59 degrees! When just the other day it was 100 degrees! Quite a change, but a welcome one. So I broke out some sweaters, and Virginia's new long sleeved shirts and overalls, and we had a little photo shoot.


She is very mobile, now!

From time to time I am jealous of my friends living in such places as San Francisco, which has my most favorite kind of weather pretty much year-round. However, to miss those few days each year that happen as winter melts into spring, or when summer fades into fall, would be a tragedy. Really nothing else is quite like the change of the seasons. It makes me feel renewed, and ready for a fresh start. I feel happy every day I can open the front door or a window and just breathe in the change. Bring it on!

In business news I have been working very hard getting ready for this weekend's Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago. My prints are all printed, my pendants are all pretty, and I have a small pile of plush awaiting their final stitches. Not much time left to go now. I am nervous and excited!

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