Sunday, August 14, 2011

Little Kid Candice would be so impressed with Adult Candice. Not only do I get to draw pictures for my JOB, but I frequently make some pretty impressive nutritional choices. For example, tonight I had pizza for dinner, and peach pie for dessert. Then I had a brownie. Then I had a (diet) soda. Then I had popcorn. When I was little I would only have been able to choose one of those things. But now I can choose them all! Where is the part where I gain 200 pounds? I always expect it to be just around the corner, but it never is.

These are a few things hanging in Virginia's room. The Vulture print is new, by Jen Oaks.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Woops ... oh well.

Yesterday I missed Awesome Artist Day! Didn't take long for that to taper off, did it? Actually I'm still trying to figure out the schedule, and I decided perhaps once a week was too often. I don't want my art blog to be filled up entirely of other people's art. MY art must also make an appearance from time to time!

Because otherwise you'd miss such gems as:

sheep in sweater 1
Sheep Wearing Sweater


party tiger
Party Tiger

I made both of these pieces (plus one more) to sell during First Friday at my studio. Missed First Friday in August? Come out on September 2 from 5-9! The Harrison Center is having an open house and all the studios will be open to the public.

On Tuesday I had a birthday. I turned 29. I am almost old, but not quite. It is weird as I get older, the things I forget and the things I remember. I have a very distinct memory of turning 8. I got a card in the mail with a button attached that said, "It's Great to be 8!" And I wondered if I'd get one the next year that said, "It's Fine to be 9!" (I didn't, by the way). That was 21 years ago. 21 years ago. I also have a pretty good memory of my 5th birthday party, where I hid my face in my arms while everyone sang Happy Birthday because I was embarrassed for some reason. That was ... oh crap that was 24 years ago!

Anyway, for my birthday I got some pretty good presents.

Look! It's me wearing the ring I've wanted for oh so long!
Honestly, I was really hoping I'd get this for my birthday, but I was trying not to hope TOO much, just in case I didn't. So, I was quite happy when I opened it. If you'd like one for yourself, go check out Sara B.'s etsy shop.

I also got this purse:
From Refind Originals. The creator, Anita Hopper, makes all her bags from upcycled outdated leather apparel and upholstery. She also makes some pretty cool earrings and wrist cuffs. This purse was a total surprise from my mother-in-law, and I love it!

(And it's Virginia tested and approved)

And last but not least, I received some cash pooled from my lovely family, which purchased me some much needed new natural cleaning supplies. Check it:

what i got for my birthday 2011
Dr. Bronner's Almond scented liquid castile soap, Seventh Generation toilet bowl cleaner, Seventh Generation bathroom cleaner, and Burt's Bees facial cleansing towelettes.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Awesome Artist Day!

Lately I have an intense interest in patterns and lettering (look for some new art from me featuring one or both very soon), and today's Awesome Artist really satisfies my longing. Please welcome Katie Daisy!


Katie is a girl after my own heart, making illustrations for magazines as well as attending art festivals and shows (and she's done some work for Target ... if you know me you know my dorky obsession with Target).


The colors she uses are so delicious I want to eat them up, or maybe I could shrink myself down and and be surrounded by their warmth and cheerfulness.


One of my most favorite things about Katie's work is her positivity. I am learning as I get older how important it is to surround yourself with positive energy. I want everything I see to bring me up, not down.


So if you are in the mood to feel uplifted, content, and happy (and I hope you are), please check out Katie Daisy, and maybe buy a print from her shop to help brighten up your space a bit.