Sunday, July 10, 2011

I stayed home from my studio last night so I could go to bed early. I ended up trying to do some sewing, climbed into bed around 11:30, then did some reading. In other words, I did not go to bed early. I'm going to try again tonight. I am so exhausted I feel I can barely keep my eyes open, and it's only 7:45. I must be in bed by 10. I can do some reading, but lights out by 11. No excuses! This girl is keeping me on my toes more than normal, now that she can crawl:


It's more of an army crawl, scooting around on her tummy with her toes. But she can definitely go places. Going places leads to trouble, like pulling on cords that belong to scanners or speakers, and finding every piece of crap on the floor that the broom somehow missed (ie, a rogue piece of toenail. I know. Gross.), and eating bandaids when I'm not looking.

I have been doing some work lately, although it is slow going.

For the Little Lutheran Magazine
mcdonald-confirmation-2 web

For the Day Nursery Association of Indianapolis:
moon rocket web

And Kryslis:
6-7 FINAL web
8-9 FINAL web

Next up I have some personal portraits to finish, and then I must madly prepare for the Renegade Craft Fair in September. It feels like the summer is already gone.

Oh and humming in the background of every day is my desire for this ring:

sara b ring
Available here from Sara B Jewelry. Sara is one of the many wonderful, beautiful, amazing women I know here in Indianapolis, and she makes such beautiful jewelry. I feel honored to know her.


Brandon said...

That is an awesome photo of my two favorite girls. I also like the moon rocket drawing, but I am biased because I really like moon rockets.

Little White Paw said...

Oona is scooting too, and I fear for the crawling because then she'll get even faster. The eating of everything she can get her hands on is menacing. I can never keep the floors clean enough! Every time I go outside to water the plants I find a little flower in her mouth from the hanging plants. She's super sneaky!