Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mona the cat has been living outside. Overall, she seems to love it, although she still asks to come inside from time to time (but she is not allowed to anymore). She has picked up two new naughty habits, though. One, when Virginia and I go out for a walk, she will follow us. This sounds very cute, however it is not. She will stay about a block behind us, and howl like the world is ending. "WHEEERE ARE YOOOUU GOOOINGGG?? DON'T LEEEAAAVE MEEEE!" And neighbors will all look at her like "What is wrong with that cat? Is she dying?" It's annoying and embarrassing.

The second is she has discovered her cat instincts.


(I love this second picture, it makes me think of graphic iconography ... that bird is clearly dead since it is upside down).

This bird she left for us on the front porch last week.

Then this morning I heard a bunch of bird commotion, and went to the window to see what was up. A flock of birds was flying back and forth between our tree and our roof for some reason, and making a huge racket about it. Suddenly one swooped a little low and Mona came from nowhere, bringing it down to the grass. She just sat on it for a long time, meowing. I could see that it was still alive and I felt very bad for it. Brandon told me to leave them alone, since they were just doing what is natural. However I know Mona will not eat the bird, so I feel it is such a waste.

Enough about murdering birds.

Today is a freaking fantastic beautiful day outside after many days of what felt like late August. Virginia and I are going to walk to the farmer's market in a few minutes, and later this evening she is going to her first of many weddings this summer. I'm so glad it's no longer winter!


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