Thursday, May 5, 2011

Exciting news! Oliver at the Window is going to Korea!

actual book, front
(Remember the book I illustrated?)

Just got the word today, and I can't wait to see a copy of it written in a different language. I somehow feel more accomplished now, knowing that a different country with a different culture wants to look at the book I worked on. It's somehow way more rewarding than having the book published in the first place. Which was still rewarding, but you know.

I don't think I ever told you this other bit of exciting news, which is I infiltrated the Harrison Center finally, and have been spending this week moving into my new studio! I feel so honored to have been asked to move into the building, and even more so because my studio mate is the very awesome Kathryn Dart. She makes beautiful work in encaustic, which is painting with bees wax. Tomorrow night is First Friday (when most/all of the artsy places in the city have openings), and I will be in my space with some work hanging, as well as my table set up with my wares. Come visit me! Virginia and I went into the studio this afternoon to hang some work. She did pretty well, but started to get grumpy just as I was finishing up. So I nursed her for a bit, and she ended up falling asleep. I laid her down on the comfy blankets I brought and she snuggled in to sleep for about an hour. Since I don't have all my stuff moved in yet, I almost didn't know what to do with myself! I rummaged around and found some wooden plaques I've been holding onto for years, and decided to paint them white. Maybe I will do something with them soon. I have tons of pressing work to do, but it was kind of nice to goof off and do something art-related that isn't FOR something.

A strange note to send you off: The other day I pulled out some sandalwood incense to burn in the living room, and ever since then I've been catching whiffs of it and it somehow smells exactly like my grandma (who died 8 or 9 years ago). It makes me feel like she is watching me.

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