Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tomorrow we're hittin' the road for the Handmade Arcade in Pittsburgh! I'm really excited for the show b/c I only know 1 other vendor who is attending (my awesome pal sally Harless), so it will be neat to walk around and see so many vendors I've never seen before. Over 100 booths! I'm not really looking forward to the 6 hour drive with Virginia, but hopefully she'll be awesome. We're making a pit stop in Columbus, OH for lunch and to visit Wholly Craft.

I also heard some promising news about the Harrison Center studio situation. It's not exactly perfect like I had envisioned (ie I think I will end up with a studio w/o windows!), but I sort of knew it wouldn't be. Also it's depending on this one thing happening and then another thing happening, so who knows how long it will take, and if things will get held up. Fingers still firmly crossed.

Well just wanted to check in with you all. See you in PA?

bugs for babies debut

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