Monday, April 18, 2011

A few months ago I enlisted the help of my friend Alexandra to build me some new show displays. She is an amazing woodworker, and I knew we could come up with something great if we put our minds to it.

It wasn't that my display was particularly BAD. It just wasn't very cohesive.


The cabinet in the middle I found at Goodwill, and it worked pretty well for my pendants. I made some "stairs" out of foamboard that did the job of displaying my prints, however it didn't look pretty. I eventually started covering it with fabric, which helped, but it was always in danger of being crushed, not to mention it could not be collapsed so it took up a massive amount of space in my car. The thing on the end is an old cd rack I stole from Brandon. I sewed in some fabric "slings" for the cats to ride in. It worked well enough.

But I decided I wanted to start looking more professional, so I enlisted Alex.

Now let me just say when you are redesigning something, especially if you are having someone else help you out, make sure you have thought everything through! We hit several snags along this road, and it would have been helpful if we had considered every angle, drawn out extremely detailed plans, and measured. Measuring is essential!

Because the first displays, although beautiful, did not even fit on my 6 foot table.


And ... hey, wait ... isn't Cordial Kitten an illustrator?? Oh well, looks like all she does is plush, now!

The displays collapsed down for easy car transport, and the shelves were interlocking so I could take those out as well, and were also interchangeable. They really are a work of art! However I am wanting to move away from plush, or at least only do plush when I have the luxury of time. I need to showcase my illustration work! That is what I do. So it was back to the drawing board. Literally.

Brandon and I sat down and talked measurements. We drew everything out on graph paper. We figured out how we could still use one of the frames that was already made, and then make two new ones for the prints. And in one brain-lightening-storm-awesome-idea I figured out how to display my prints: with some fabric "slings," reminiscent of my previous cat-erpillar (cd) stand! I geared up and told Alex we'd have to start over, afraid she wouldn't be game for round two. But she was up for it, and we did it. And the results are fantastic!

(blurry pic from the Handmade Arcade this past weekend)

It's still a bit off b/c they provided 8 foot tables, and the displays are made for 6 foot tables, and my extra floor rack looks weird and in the way there in front of the table, but overall this is a million times better. And hey, look ... I'm an illustrator again! Yay!

(I forgot how crappy my old digital camera is. Couldn't take a non-blurry picture to save my life).

So, thinking=good. Think about things! And the results will make you happy.

Also, here is my daughter sleeping like a dead bug:



Martha Latta / Sunday Afternoon Housewife said...

Your new displays look very nice! I always thought you had a nice display anyway, but I love how they look now. It is nice to have a cohesive unit! How was Handmade Arcade? Hope you had a blast!

Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

Thanks, Martha! I always liked it too, it was just always in danger of crumbling apart, lol. The back of that cabinet fell out all the time and was taped in (as were all the pins holding up the pendants), and the foam board print rack was a disaster. That was what I was originally wanting to replace, but we decided to just do a complete overhaul if we were going to do anything at all. The HA was really great! Totally worth the drive and all that. Would have had way more fun had I not been so sick!

Barbara said...

Hi Candice! I have to agree that the new display looks marvelous.....good job designing! It looks very professional. By the way, I especially enjoy the photo of the little bug ;-)

Conduit Press said...

Hey Candice! Thanks for sharing with me:) I've always Loved your displays as well- and in fact, was desperately trying to copy your foam core ladder shelf for the longest time, but you wanna talk about something collapsing with books on it! I do Love your new display though! I miss the drawer full of stuffies though! I know you're wanting to move away from those and concentrate on your illustration, but one little cubby full of cute little Bugs would be nice;)

and of course, that little Bug of yours is gorgeous!

Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

Thanks Talia! I definitely don't want to stop doing plush, I just want to stop pulling my hair out trying to create enough for every show, plus filling stores ... it's way too much work with way too little return. And it's preventing me from drawing, which is just silly! But anyway, they won't disappear forever, I promise!