Friday, March 25, 2011

I think Virginia may have read my last blog post. Since Daylight Savings Time began, she's been sleeping in till at least 8 (yay, she got tricked!). But in the last week she has been bypassing her 2am wake-up ... I'm able to get about 6-7 hours of uninterrupted sleep! Well it's interrupted by a 6am panic wake-up "WAIT, why hasn't the baby cried yet??" But when I calm myself back down to sleep it is awesome. Then we lay around in bed till 8 or 9 or so. IT'S AMAZING! I think it's because she is starting to eat baby food more consistently these days. The baby food: it's a good thing!

This has to be the busiest spring I have ever experienced, I think. Besides the year I had to finish the final artwork for a childrens book, start a new day job, and fix up and move into a new house all in about 2 months time. This year I have FIVE shows lined up (to see which ones, see my "upcoming events" on the right), and I am so excited! But also so stressed. They are mostly spaced 2 weeks apart, so that gives me a bit of time to replenish between shows (and the IHE is off by itself in June). I also have my normal etsy and personal portrait orders to work on (sorry if you are waiting on one from me ...), plus a rather large project that is looming over my head (which I hope is still on, I will be very sad if it should fall through). Oh and also I have this baby, so there's that, too.

Here is an example of a "Value Portrait," which is something new I've added to the portrait business this year:

kara pritchard final web

It's a 5"x7" portrait, characters only, no background. A wash of color is ok. It's a good way to get yourself Cordial-ized but on a budget.

And for your enjoyment, one of the earliest versions of the cat-erpillar, circa 2006:


They've come a long way, huh? Perhaps a celebration is in order for his 5th birthday.

Someone asked me the backstory of the cat-erpillars. Here is all I could come up with:

"Honestly, I can't really tell you how he started. I remember drawing him in my sketch book, but I was also drawing more "normal" caterpillars and cats around the same time. Not sure if someone suggested it to me, or if the progression was just natural. His beginnings are a mystery, just like him."

*edit #2*

Here is a picture of the very first cat-erpillar stuffie, also circa 2006. Yay!

cat-erpillar stuffed animal

They are so much better now, right? yes.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

This year I am really looking forward to sleeping. I feel I have not had a decent 8-hour sleep in well over a year, and I would like to do that again. I am someone who does not function well on anything less than 8 hours, and yet since last January I have been getting up 2-3 times a night either to (a)pee (when I was pregnant), or (b) feed a baby (now that I am no longer pregnant). I am looking forward to the baby sleeping 12 hours a night, but I think that might be a fable that other parents tell you so that you feel like your kid is just doing the 3-4-6 hour stretch as a way to torture you. Every night I go to bed thinking, "Ok, maybe TONIGHT she'll sleep all the way until 6am ... maybe?" But no. We normally do something like 2am, 5am, then 7am when Brandon is getting ready for work and we're like, "OK I guess we'll just get up now, too."

Also, this is the year for throwing caution to the wind. I'm still planning on getting a studio outside of the home, which is sort of a risk for me. Will I get new business, or dig myself a hole paying all that rent? Which is even scarier now that Brandon is moving closer and closer to having his own freelance career (which will kick in sometime this year, most likely within the next month or two). And also, bangs? Will I get bangs? On Tuesday I just might do it, and then I will probably spend the rest of the year growing them out. That sounds like a fun project. I'm noticing something about myself lately, and that is I am so afraid of regretting something that I end up not doing it. For some reason the feeling of longing to do something is easier for me to deal with than beating myself up over something I did but that's not working. I need to stop doing this! I only have one life ... I should live it! I should cut my hair!


This was taken yesterday on one of the most beautiful days, ever. Virginia and I tagged along while Brandon met with a client, and we walked up and down Mass Ave. window shopping. Then we came back home and sat in the yard. It was so nice to be outside.

See the necklace I am wearing? I got the idea from a couple places online, but sort of tweaked it for my own tastes. It's a necklace specifically for Virginia to chew on, but it still looks pretty for me! We both love it.

Also I made this for her today:


I probably should have been working on something else (read: doing the dishes), but I will call this product research. I think I will make a whole line of bugs for babies! There is a rattle hidden inside, and the antenna make crinkle sounds!


They are friends now.