Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hope you had a nice Christmas, if you celebrate it.

candice and virginia xmas

Virginia didn't really know what was going on, but I'd like to think she had a nice time.

I've been taking a sort of "winter break" right now since I am between projects. I had a very intense Christmas season due to custom orders and a demanding baby, so I'm glad to be doing some projects just for me. So far I've embroidered a wall hanging for us, one for my friend's new baby, and am starting a new one with crewel wool, which I've never used before. Has anyone else? The project says to split the wool into one strand, but that makes it so delicate that it's impossible to sew with. Anyway, after this week it will be back to work as normal, or whatever the new "normal" is for me now.

Hope you have a happy new year! I will probably go to bed before midnight on the 31st, sort of like that time my best friend in high school and I rebelled against new years by not paying attention to the clock and writing in our journals.

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