Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hello! Sorry it's been so long. But look who's here:

Virginia Lucille.

Most of my internet time now is when the baby is eating, so I only have one hand free, which makes typing difficult. I finally got around writing this yesterday, and I'll share it with you now.

So, she was born October 4th. I went into labor at 11:30 pm the night before. I was pretty much awake all night, and we didn't go into the midwife center until 6:45 the next morning. The midwife was stuck in traffic, and the birth attendant was late, so we got there before everyone and just had to sit out in the parking lot for about 20 long annoying minutes. Finally the attendant got there and let us in. I got to sit in a big tub which was "nice" I guess. I'm not sure if it really helped me or not, but I felt like it did I suppose. Oh did you know I did this without drugs? I did! It sucked a whole lot, but I never once thought, "Man I want to go get drugs now." Never even crossed my mind, so I guess it couldn't have been TOO unbearable. Although I think if the labor had been 3 times as long as it was, I might have started thinking that way. The midwife was super late, and finally got there at some point. Time went extremely fast for me, which was awesome. I remember telling Brandon, "I never want to do this again!!" which is comical to me now. I heard the midwife say, "Ok, she might be born with the next contraction," and I took that as a challenge. And she totally was! Born at 8:43am, 6 pounds, 9 ounces. A nice size ... in your face, other annoying midwife who kept thinking I wasn't eating enough and she wasn't growing enough. I had the good midwife attend me, which was awesome.

Brandon was pretty much mesmerized by the whole thing. He fell in love with her immediately, and kept telling me how amazed he was with me, and how proud he was of me, which was nice. Honestly I was sort of out of it, I think. Just really tired. But happy of course, you know. I still sort of feel that way ... I'm not getting much sleep, and just sitting around the house a lot. I don't have a lot of time to do ANYthing which is sort of annoying. Hopefully I'll eventually find some sort of balance again. I'm trying to keep her from sleeping too much today so that she'll sleep more tonight. Last night was really really tough. I had been feeling sort of bad earlier in the evening; emotionally bad. Which I guess is normal. I just felt sort of sad. We went to bed around 11, and she woke up 2 hours later and wouldn't go back to sleep for 3 hours. ugh. I was so sleepy and grumpy. We laid in bed this morning till 11, but it wasn't very good sleep for me at all.

Anyway, even though it is hard, I'm glad she's here. And I'm SO GLAD I am no longer pregnant. I can't imagine how it would feel if I was still pregnant right now. My due date was 2 days ago. It's awesome to be able to bend down and pick things up, and to stand closer to the kitchen counter, and to not pee when I sneeze. Woops, too much info?

My mom came to help out for a few days last week which was awesome. She thoroughly cleaned my kitchen and bathroom and I loved every minute of it. She took Virginia and I on our first outing to the library and Homespun where she got to hang out with her new friend, Zeke.


Oh and here is a picture of Brandon as a baby, and one of Virginia. They look eerily similar. Brandon said, "Well, at least I'm sure she's mine." lol.


Photo 137

I hope you have enjoyed my update. That's all I'll give you for now. I must tend to the little one. Bye!


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Little White Paw said...

Congratulations! She's lovely! It's nice to hear your birth story too. We've got another month or so to go on our bun in the oven. I'm so tired and looking forward to the day I can hold my baby in my arms instead of in my belly. Best of luck with your new little one!

Silastones said...

She is so pretty, congratulations for mom and dad. 9 hour labor was not so bad and the baby was not so big. The first few months are tought, take all the help you can get. Enjoy her, she will grow up fast.