Sunday, August 22, 2010

Life is getting back to normal bit by bit. I've been seeing lots of friends, and creating good memories. Baby is getting closer to arriving, and has apparently already found the correct position for her arrival ... 7 more weeks until I hit 40 weeks. I feel like I'm preparing myself for the possibility of only 4 more weeks, since I was 3 weeks early. Anything could happen, I guess.

I started my day with a bagel and hypnobirth practice (it's sort of like meditating, and leaves me feeling really peaceful and ready for the day). Then I went up to my studio to start working, and realized the folding chair I sit on while I draw was still in my car from the show I did yesterday. So I went outside to get it, and noticed that it was a BEAUTIFUL morning. Warm, but lovely in the shade, and with a nice breeze going. I decided before I could do anything, I needed to take a walk. And bring home a cup of coffee. I've been sort of addicted to coffee from Lazy Daze lately. It's just so good! So I don't know if it was the hypno-practice, or the walk, or the fresh air, but I'm in a fantastic mood, and ready to get lots of work done!

Here I am, 32 weeks, housing the one who gets hiccups every single day.

32 weeks

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