Friday, June 25, 2010

Well, the Crohn's/Colitis walk was a success! The walk as a whole was able to surpass it's goal (although I can't remember how much it was ... something ridiculous sounding, like $16,000!) Here is Max, the honored hero:


Look at that blue sky! I accidentally had my camera on a weird setting, so everything looks all super bright and weird.

After the walk we stayed for the Silverhawks baseball game. Here's their mascot.


In case you were wondering, my faithful assistant and I picked the winner of the "Great Cat-erpillar Giveaway" yesterday. The winner is my old babysitter! She now lives in Germany.


And here's a detail from a new drawing:

giraffe detail

We have not been as good at yard upkeep this year, and when I heard it was in the 60s and low humidity this morning I decided to power weed. The front walk is about to be overtaken, so I started there first. After about half hour/45 minutes, my hands were so swollen I felt like I was wearing baseball mitts! I couldn't and still currently can't get my wedding rings off, which is so weird because they're usually quite loose and drive me crazy with spinning around my finger all day. Hello, pregnancy, you bring some weird surprises!

Oh and I almost forgot! Brandon's hair has been getting very long. He likes it long; I always beg him to cut it. At some point I mentioned buying clippers to buzz it, and he said, "If you buy them, I'll let you do it."

Here he is, regretting that he agreed to this:


And here he is after:


He turned into a zombie! Oh no!!

(in case you didn't know ... Brandon and his friends made a movie called "Oh, No! Zombies!")

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