Thursday, June 17, 2010


Although at first glance July seemed to be a barren, art-free month, it's turning around quite nicely. I have no shows lined up, but just last week my portraits were featured in Etsy Finds. This is published online, but it also goes out in a mailing list to whoever subscribes. My shop saw many new pairs of eyes, and I got a few new portrait commissions, so things are looking up! Here are some portraits I've done recently, all for Father's Day gifts:


rob final web

theresa final web

I've been really enjoying doing these projects, and getting to know the families through their pictures and stories. Keep 'em coming, everyone!
ETA: I just realized that all three of these have little boys with their arms raised high! A coincidence? What does this tell you about my brain? I don't know.

We started a garden again this year. Got kind of a late start, but things are finally starting to come up.

Here are some cucumbers that are already about ready to eat!


They were an accident ... we did not plant these on purpose, you see, they are growing ...

out the side of the compost bin! How silly!

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Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Awesome new portraits!
I added you to my blogroll too!