Thursday, May 27, 2010

Yesterday was the ultrasound ... and it's a girl! Brandon is so excited.

Here is one of the best pictures. You can see a foot, a leg, and an alien head with a fist next to it.

ultrasound leg, hand, head

I had just eaten lunch about an hour before we went, so the girl was bouncing all around in there. The technician, a lady with an accent and a headscarf, kept saying, "My! What an active baby!" She also said she noticed the baby kept "touching the placenta." She said, "It must bring her great comfort." Then because she was moving around so much, we couldn't get a really great profile shot, which is sad. But oh well. Soon I will have more profile shots than you can handle.

I'm glad it's a girl, although I keep thinking how awful it would be if she was wrong, heh. Now I can look at cute girl things. But hey! Don't buy us lots of pink stuff! I'm sure I'll get some pink stuff, but really, if that's all we get I'll be sad!

We worked some more in the garden last night. I just pulled lots and lots of weeds. It's gotten a little out of control, but hopefully soon we'll be back up and running. I'm really excited this year because we're going to have both red and yellow bell peppers! Last year we tried to start those from seeds, but they kept failing. This year we started with little baby plants, and I hope they will actually produce. I looove bell peppers. Which is crazy since when I was a kid they made me want to throw up.

Today I have so much work to do, but of course I don't want to start it. I have 2 cats to finish for an order, and the thought of going up into my studio is like torture. It's super hot up there. It's not very hot outside yet, but I'm sure it is hot up there already. We have an a/c for me, but it needs to go in the window, which I am not going to do alone. hopefully when Brandon comes home he'll do it for me. This is day one of a 5 day long "weekend" full of work that mostly needs to take place upstairs. ugh.


@eloh said...

One of my girls would not wear pink if you beat her. The other has been in "Barbie Pink" her entire life. Go figure.

It's a wonderful time in your life.. enjoy it!

Little White Paw said...

Congrats to you too! We can't wait to have our ultrasound! It's so exciting to see the little jumping beans. When they listened for the heart beat ours was zooming around like lightening too. They must get board in there.