Sunday, April 4, 2010

Yesterday was the Spring Bloomington Handmade Market. I felt it was pretty successful, and I came home happy. I am trying to save up some money so I can buy a new digital SLR camera for taking better product shots and whatnot, and I might be able to buy one soon.

Here are the only two pictures I took while in Bloomington:



Bloomington is a little over an hour south of Indianapolis, and therefore they are slightly ahead of us in the spring department. We have some flowers going on here, but I haven't seen any trees popping out like that yet. It was nice to get a little taste.

Two weeks from now is the Crafty Supermarket in Cincinnati, OH. This will be my first show in Ohio, and I'm looking forward to seeing vendors that I don't normally come into contact with here in Indiana.

And now I will reveal to you the super top secret project I have been working on. Brandon and I are awaiting the arrival of a new little baby! I tricked you into thinking it was some sort of art project, didn't I? We're still pretty early on in the game, as I'm only just shy of 13 weeks. But I'm glad to be through the first trimester. I was spending lots of time feeling sick and depressed on my couch. Not depressed because of the baby, but depressed I think because of the hormones. Now most days I'm not feeling too sick, or too tired (although I'm still averaging 10 hours of sleep a night), and spring is helping me feel a little bit more motivated and happy. Oh, Indiana and your cloudy, short, sunless days during winter. Be gone! Baby is something we've been planning on for awhile now (people keep asking if it was a surprise, so I guess I'll just fill you in). We've talked and thought about it for years, then last summer made plans to wait for the new year. The new year arrived, and what do you know? I'm glad we were lucky and things were easy, and so far going somewhat smoothly. The countdown to October has begun!

I promised myself I wouldn't show a lot of naked tummy pictures, because sometimes I find them to be a little disturbing from other people. But I thought I'd share this one, since I think with clothes on it might look as if nothing is amiss. But something is going on in there!

13 weeks


Silastones said...

Congratulations :)

@eloh said...

This is really good news.

Spend some time while you can still see your feet to get all your crafting supplies up high.

Get down on your floor and look around, you'll see how amazingly interesting it is.