Friday, April 23, 2010

Oh I almost forgot about the other things I have to post about!

Last week was the Crafty Supermarket in Cincinnati, and it was great fun! I somehow convinced my friend Sarah to come along and be my helper, and we made a fun weekend out of it. We got up before the sun on Saturday, visited Starbucks (I still have a lot of money left on a gift card from my uncle who apparently couldn't think of anything else to give me for Christmas), and drove to Ohio. The day of the market was beautiful, and the shoppers were ready to shop. The place was packed when it first opened, and stayed pretty busy throughout the day. Here is a picture from my booth. Even though I had help, I really couldn't stray from the table most of the day because it was so busy (and we were pretty cramped behind the table, and I felt bad having to make people get out of my way so I could do lame things, like pee).


That night Sarah and I headed downtown to our hotel. We walked to dinner, bought lots of candy from Walgreens, and headed to bed early. I was completely exhausted after getting up early, driving 2 hours, standing all day, then walking for blocks out in the pretty chilly night air.

We learned about a place that supposedly makes the best Belgium waffles in the entire world, so we woke up intent on going there. Since we fell asleep so early, we woke up around 7. And realized the waffle place didn't open till 10! So we decided to have pre-breakfast, again at Starbucks (that gift card just keeps on going). I love being on vacation, and just being lazy and doing what ever you feel like doing.

The waffle place ended up being at a pretty awesome marketplace. I'm completely jealous of it. It's filled with permanent booths of fruit, meat, spices, pastry, etc, vendors inside, and outside had some tents set up with things like soap, clothes, incense, etc vendors.


The waffles, although in my opinion not the best in the world, were still pretty delicious.

They were just a bit too heavy for me.

Next we visited the Newport Aquarium.


It was pretty nice. We were mesmerized by the jelly fish for a very long time.


We ended the trip by just "popping in" to IKEA ... for 3 hours. That place is like a time warp!

Again, I still have more to post. But I don't want to overload you! Perhaps tomorrow ...

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