Thursday, April 29, 2010

I just remembered the other OTHER thing I wanted to tell you about. Last Thursday, I went and visited Holy Name Catholic School. My friend Julie is the art teacher there, and she has very patiently been asking me for ages if I could come in and talk to some of her classes. I don't normally do school visits. I don't know if you can tell from this blog, but I am actually a fairly quiet and reserved person in most situations. Unless I know you really really well. I dislike being the center of attention, and during a school visit, that's exactly what I am. This visit was different, though. Since I know Julie, we were able to tag team it. She did a lot of talking, too, and was able to help me control the kids. I'm not good with large groups of kids.

She's been trying to send some pictures to me, and we've had some technical difficulties. So far this one is the only one that's made it through:


I don't know if you can tell, but I'm drawing the lion from Oliver at the Window. The kids did a really good job following my steps. This was the 4th grade class.

When the kindergarteners came, I remembered that I had my own camera. So I took some pictures of the lions they drew. Again, fantastic work!

24176_638068957804_27301861_36214189_7451649_n 24176_638068952814_27301861_36214188_913233_n

So it was a pretty fun day. I hope the kids had fun, too!

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julie said...

They DID enjoy you! You are very famous at my school. When I was heading down the hall with the Oliver book to read it to the PreK class, some 2nd graders were in line outside next door. The 3rd grade teacher inside the room asked what book it was, and when I showed her the autograph one of the 2nd graders blurted, "did she touch that one!?" and squealed. Star power! Thank you for relenting. It was perfect!