Monday, April 19, 2010

Hello it's me! I have some updatin' to do.

A little over a week ago I was involved in a video shoot that will air on such places as MTV, Hulu, Teen Nick, etc. Sounds kind of weird, huh? Some friends of mine applied for a Pepsi Refresh grant, and were in the first group of winners. Pepsi chose a few different winners to interview, and my friends were one of the lucky ones. They're going to use the money to open a crafty/handmade store/school here in our neighborhood, Irvington. The camera crew really wanted to interview them during a indie craft fair since the actual store isn't open yet, but since there weren't any happening that weekend they did the next best thing: created a fake one in their backyard.


(that's my booth there in the foreground)

The crew came around to each booth, and Su-chin Pak (who is apparently from MTV News, or something) did a quick interview with each entrepreneur. I'm glad I didn't really know who Su-chin was, or else I would have been a whole lot more nervous! The crew started on the opposite end of the "fair" so my booth was the very last they interviewed. While I was waiting for them to come around, I got to stand around in the very intense sunshine with only a spf 15, so I left with some pretty impressive sunburns. Ah, fair skin. I also waged battles against the wind that kept popping my products onto the ground, and one time blew everything on my table clean off. Not fun. That day I remembered why I hate outdoor shows with such a passion.

The weather has been completely crazy lately, going back and forth between normal-for-april chilliness, and record heat. I kind of like it, though. Tank tops one day, jackets the next. Makes for some nice variety! Oh, and my lilacs bloomed! I had a very nice smelling house for about a week with 5 vases full sitting around my house. I will miss you until next year, my most favorite flowers.


I have more things to write about, but I'll give you a break for now. See you later.

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