Saturday, April 24, 2010

Brandon and I went out to a members event at the WFYI station tonight. It was pretty fun. We saw a blues band playing live on the air, and got free Yats and hummus and coke. We don't go out a whole lot, so it was nice to have a little date.

It is extremely windy and a little bit rainy right now. I am really hoping for a thunderstorm. Hearing that would make me feel very happy. I've been having a not-to-productive kind of day, which is making me feel sort of depressed. So something making me happy would be good.

Here is a peony about to bloom.


It's amazing to think all of those fluffy beautiful petals are all closed up so tight in that little ball. I can't wait till they open.

And our garden gnome, who is significantly more creepy this year than he was last.


I've been trying really hard to remember what the other thing was that I wanted to tell you about yesterday, and I finally just figured it out. I got a new camera! Those two pictures are some of my test shots. It's a DSLR, and I'm so excited to play around with it. I haven't used an SLR in ages, so I'm basically relearning it. The one I got doesn't show a live display on the screen, so I actually have to put it up to my eyeball and look through the viewfinder. It's sort of weird, but awesome.

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