Thursday, April 29, 2010

I just remembered the other OTHER thing I wanted to tell you about. Last Thursday, I went and visited Holy Name Catholic School. My friend Julie is the art teacher there, and she has very patiently been asking me for ages if I could come in and talk to some of her classes. I don't normally do school visits. I don't know if you can tell from this blog, but I am actually a fairly quiet and reserved person in most situations. Unless I know you really really well. I dislike being the center of attention, and during a school visit, that's exactly what I am. This visit was different, though. Since I know Julie, we were able to tag team it. She did a lot of talking, too, and was able to help me control the kids. I'm not good with large groups of kids.

She's been trying to send some pictures to me, and we've had some technical difficulties. So far this one is the only one that's made it through:


I don't know if you can tell, but I'm drawing the lion from Oliver at the Window. The kids did a really good job following my steps. This was the 4th grade class.

When the kindergarteners came, I remembered that I had my own camera. So I took some pictures of the lions they drew. Again, fantastic work!

24176_638068957804_27301861_36214189_7451649_n 24176_638068952814_27301861_36214188_913233_n

So it was a pretty fun day. I hope the kids had fun, too!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Brandon and I went out to a members event at the WFYI station tonight. It was pretty fun. We saw a blues band playing live on the air, and got free Yats and hummus and coke. We don't go out a whole lot, so it was nice to have a little date.

It is extremely windy and a little bit rainy right now. I am really hoping for a thunderstorm. Hearing that would make me feel very happy. I've been having a not-to-productive kind of day, which is making me feel sort of depressed. So something making me happy would be good.

Here is a peony about to bloom.


It's amazing to think all of those fluffy beautiful petals are all closed up so tight in that little ball. I can't wait till they open.

And our garden gnome, who is significantly more creepy this year than he was last.


I've been trying really hard to remember what the other thing was that I wanted to tell you about yesterday, and I finally just figured it out. I got a new camera! Those two pictures are some of my test shots. It's a DSLR, and I'm so excited to play around with it. I haven't used an SLR in ages, so I'm basically relearning it. The one I got doesn't show a live display on the screen, so I actually have to put it up to my eyeball and look through the viewfinder. It's sort of weird, but awesome.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Oh I almost forgot about the other things I have to post about!

Last week was the Crafty Supermarket in Cincinnati, and it was great fun! I somehow convinced my friend Sarah to come along and be my helper, and we made a fun weekend out of it. We got up before the sun on Saturday, visited Starbucks (I still have a lot of money left on a gift card from my uncle who apparently couldn't think of anything else to give me for Christmas), and drove to Ohio. The day of the market was beautiful, and the shoppers were ready to shop. The place was packed when it first opened, and stayed pretty busy throughout the day. Here is a picture from my booth. Even though I had help, I really couldn't stray from the table most of the day because it was so busy (and we were pretty cramped behind the table, and I felt bad having to make people get out of my way so I could do lame things, like pee).


That night Sarah and I headed downtown to our hotel. We walked to dinner, bought lots of candy from Walgreens, and headed to bed early. I was completely exhausted after getting up early, driving 2 hours, standing all day, then walking for blocks out in the pretty chilly night air.

We learned about a place that supposedly makes the best Belgium waffles in the entire world, so we woke up intent on going there. Since we fell asleep so early, we woke up around 7. And realized the waffle place didn't open till 10! So we decided to have pre-breakfast, again at Starbucks (that gift card just keeps on going). I love being on vacation, and just being lazy and doing what ever you feel like doing.

The waffle place ended up being at a pretty awesome marketplace. I'm completely jealous of it. It's filled with permanent booths of fruit, meat, spices, pastry, etc, vendors inside, and outside had some tents set up with things like soap, clothes, incense, etc vendors.


The waffles, although in my opinion not the best in the world, were still pretty delicious.

They were just a bit too heavy for me.

Next we visited the Newport Aquarium.


It was pretty nice. We were mesmerized by the jelly fish for a very long time.


We ended the trip by just "popping in" to IKEA ... for 3 hours. That place is like a time warp!

Again, I still have more to post. But I don't want to overload you! Perhaps tomorrow ...

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Hello it's me! I have some updatin' to do.

A little over a week ago I was involved in a video shoot that will air on such places as MTV, Hulu, Teen Nick, etc. Sounds kind of weird, huh? Some friends of mine applied for a Pepsi Refresh grant, and were in the first group of winners. Pepsi chose a few different winners to interview, and my friends were one of the lucky ones. They're going to use the money to open a crafty/handmade store/school here in our neighborhood, Irvington. The camera crew really wanted to interview them during a indie craft fair since the actual store isn't open yet, but since there weren't any happening that weekend they did the next best thing: created a fake one in their backyard.


(that's my booth there in the foreground)

The crew came around to each booth, and Su-chin Pak (who is apparently from MTV News, or something) did a quick interview with each entrepreneur. I'm glad I didn't really know who Su-chin was, or else I would have been a whole lot more nervous! The crew started on the opposite end of the "fair" so my booth was the very last they interviewed. While I was waiting for them to come around, I got to stand around in the very intense sunshine with only a spf 15, so I left with some pretty impressive sunburns. Ah, fair skin. I also waged battles against the wind that kept popping my products onto the ground, and one time blew everything on my table clean off. Not fun. That day I remembered why I hate outdoor shows with such a passion.

The weather has been completely crazy lately, going back and forth between normal-for-april chilliness, and record heat. I kind of like it, though. Tank tops one day, jackets the next. Makes for some nice variety! Oh, and my lilacs bloomed! I had a very nice smelling house for about a week with 5 vases full sitting around my house. I will miss you until next year, my most favorite flowers.


I have more things to write about, but I'll give you a break for now. See you later.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Yesterday was the Spring Bloomington Handmade Market. I felt it was pretty successful, and I came home happy. I am trying to save up some money so I can buy a new digital SLR camera for taking better product shots and whatnot, and I might be able to buy one soon.

Here are the only two pictures I took while in Bloomington:



Bloomington is a little over an hour south of Indianapolis, and therefore they are slightly ahead of us in the spring department. We have some flowers going on here, but I haven't seen any trees popping out like that yet. It was nice to get a little taste.

Two weeks from now is the Crafty Supermarket in Cincinnati, OH. This will be my first show in Ohio, and I'm looking forward to seeing vendors that I don't normally come into contact with here in Indiana.

And now I will reveal to you the super top secret project I have been working on. Brandon and I are awaiting the arrival of a new little baby! I tricked you into thinking it was some sort of art project, didn't I? We're still pretty early on in the game, as I'm only just shy of 13 weeks. But I'm glad to be through the first trimester. I was spending lots of time feeling sick and depressed on my couch. Not depressed because of the baby, but depressed I think because of the hormones. Now most days I'm not feeling too sick, or too tired (although I'm still averaging 10 hours of sleep a night), and spring is helping me feel a little bit more motivated and happy. Oh, Indiana and your cloudy, short, sunless days during winter. Be gone! Baby is something we've been planning on for awhile now (people keep asking if it was a surprise, so I guess I'll just fill you in). We've talked and thought about it for years, then last summer made plans to wait for the new year. The new year arrived, and what do you know? I'm glad we were lucky and things were easy, and so far going somewhat smoothly. The countdown to October has begun!

I promised myself I wouldn't show a lot of naked tummy pictures, because sometimes I find them to be a little disturbing from other people. But I thought I'd share this one, since I think with clothes on it might look as if nothing is amiss. But something is going on in there!

13 weeks