Thursday, March 18, 2010

Um. HELLO! Remember me? I am still here.

We are getting a taste of spring here in Indiana, and it feels wonderful! 64 degrees is making me feel like I need to drive to the beach right now. I grew up in northern Indiana and spent a lot of time playing at the dunes in Michigan. Being so far away from the lake is probably the only thing I hate about living in Indianapolis.

Here is a new cat I made the other day:

pipe cat

Find him at the Bloomington Handmade Market, coming up in 2 weeks! You should check out their site because an interview with me was posted just today. Go!

I have been working very very hard on a top secret project which is the main reason why I have been scarce around here. I will be able to fill you in soon, so don't fret!

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@eloh said...

I grew up on a lake also... and find I miss it very much... but I find I would miss the mountains here more... unfortunately, I can't afford any lake property here, it might help.

Look forward to your "reveal".