Tuesday, January 26, 2010

where have i been? i don't know. i have a picture to post, but the camera is all the way over there ... and the camera cord is up there ... i'll have to do it later. i would get up and get these things, but really i don't have time to even be writing this blog post, so i need to speed through it.

on thursday i am leaving for NEW YORK CITY! i've been to new york once, almost exactly 8 years ago. that was also the last time i flew anywhere, so i'm a bit nervous to do it again. and all alone, no less. i am going to the SCBWI conference, which is so exciting. I've wanted to go for years, and finally decided now was the time. i have some friends who live in brooklyn and they graciously allowed me to stay with them. it will be a trek each morning into manhattan, but at least it's a free place to stay, and at least they are awesome.

on friday i am going to an optional "Illustrator intensive." i have confirmation that i'm going, but i never had any information mailed to me, even though they mailed me info on the other two regular days of conference. i thought that was odd, so the other night i went on their site in search of info. that's when i discovered that there is an ASSIGNMENT we're supposed to bring. what? so i have to do that pretty quickly. it won't be great, and i'll probably be blown away by all the amazing work that the other illustrators will do. sigh. at least i won't walk in empty handed though, i guess.

so anyway, the next time i make a post i will hopefully have cool pictures to show you from the trip. be safe, babies.


Anne said...

Good for you stepping out professionally! Your published (!) works will praise you. Take care.

@eloh said...

Well, at least you didn't get stuck not knowing and trying to pass off a blank piece of paper as "snow day".

I'm looking forward to hearing about the entire trip!