Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hope you had a nice Christmas, if you celebrate it.

candice and virginia xmas

Virginia didn't really know what was going on, but I'd like to think she had a nice time.

I've been taking a sort of "winter break" right now since I am between projects. I had a very intense Christmas season due to custom orders and a demanding baby, so I'm glad to be doing some projects just for me. So far I've embroidered a wall hanging for us, one for my friend's new baby, and am starting a new one with crewel wool, which I've never used before. Has anyone else? The project says to split the wool into one strand, but that makes it so delicate that it's impossible to sew with. Anyway, after this week it will be back to work as normal, or whatever the new "normal" is for me now.

Hope you have a happy new year! I will probably go to bed before midnight on the 31st, sort of like that time my best friend in high school and I rebelled against new years by not paying attention to the clock and writing in our journals.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gif Created on Make A Gif

she's grabbing and holding things now. so cute!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Life has been pretty hectic and slow all at once. This girl keeps me guessing:
Gif Created on Make A Gif
One night she'll sleep for 5 hours, the next for 9. I never know what to expect. It's always a gamble: do I stay awake to work after she's gone to bed and risk only 4 hours of sleep? I usually end up just zonking out at the same time as her. Especially since I am currently ALMOST caught up with all my christmas orders. Everything I have left can be hand-delivered, so I'm not rushing against time and the post office. It's nice to take it slow for once.

I've also been working on a personal embroidery project, and plan to do a few more in the immediate future. I checked out The Embroidery Companion from the library, and it is amazing. Usually I will check out craft books, flip through them, think the projects are nice, want to attempt to make them, but never do. But I feel like almost every project in this book is just calling out to me. I can't resist. I like it so much that when I realized I can't renew the book any more since someone else requested it, I decided to buy it. I suppose since it's a reference book there's a loophole in my "YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO BUY NOVELS ANY MORE" rule (we have too many books!). I also usually look at craft projects with a business woman's eye: How can I alter this idea into something that I can make and sell? This time, I'm not doing that! I'm embroidering for the simple joy of embroidering, and I'm loving it.

Oh, Virginia must be hungry. See you later!

out the window

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I just got to do a fun portrait as a Christmas card for this family.


The mom described them as "a quirky little family": she is a pinup model, and the dad is a neuroscientist. How cool do they sound?

in other news, my daughter is now doing this on purpose:


she is 6 weeks old now! her dad is back to work after paternity leave, so she and i are left to our own devices. we're trying to find a good routine. i think it's going to involve me getting up super early (ie 6am) everyday if i ever want to get any work done. babies are a tremendous time suck! but just look at that face ... totally worth it.

Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm having a print Giveaway on my facebook fan page! To win, you must be a fan of Cordial Kitten; pick your favorite print (either 4x6
or 8x10), and leave a comment on this post telling me which one it is. I'll randomly pick a winner this Wednesday the 3rd. Tell yer friends!

Also, have you got your winter issue of Venus Zine yet? Look who made it in:

venus zine spread

Very exciting! I'll be adding cat-erpillars back into my shop all day today, so keep an eye out for the one you want to give to your best friend for the holidays!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

pea pod 2
Happy Halloween, everyone!

Of course Virginia dressed up this year. We live in Irvington, where Halloween is a BIG DEAL. She and I trekked out to the festival this year (my first time as an attendee rather than a vendor!) where she received a lot of attention in her cute costume!

Today her dad and grandpa are blowing insulation into our house so we'll be a bit more toasty this year (funny that I've been wanting to do this for years, but the new little one has finally lit a fire under everyone's butts). Our 70 year old windows will still be drafty, but that's what plastic wrap is for, right?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hello! Sorry it's been so long. But look who's here:

Virginia Lucille.

Most of my internet time now is when the baby is eating, so I only have one hand free, which makes typing difficult. I finally got around writing this yesterday, and I'll share it with you now.

So, she was born October 4th. I went into labor at 11:30 pm the night before. I was pretty much awake all night, and we didn't go into the midwife center until 6:45 the next morning. The midwife was stuck in traffic, and the birth attendant was late, so we got there before everyone and just had to sit out in the parking lot for about 20 long annoying minutes. Finally the attendant got there and let us in. I got to sit in a big tub which was "nice" I guess. I'm not sure if it really helped me or not, but I felt like it did I suppose. Oh did you know I did this without drugs? I did! It sucked a whole lot, but I never once thought, "Man I want to go get drugs now." Never even crossed my mind, so I guess it couldn't have been TOO unbearable. Although I think if the labor had been 3 times as long as it was, I might have started thinking that way. The midwife was super late, and finally got there at some point. Time went extremely fast for me, which was awesome. I remember telling Brandon, "I never want to do this again!!" which is comical to me now. I heard the midwife say, "Ok, she might be born with the next contraction," and I took that as a challenge. And she totally was! Born at 8:43am, 6 pounds, 9 ounces. A nice size ... in your face, other annoying midwife who kept thinking I wasn't eating enough and she wasn't growing enough. I had the good midwife attend me, which was awesome.

Brandon was pretty much mesmerized by the whole thing. He fell in love with her immediately, and kept telling me how amazed he was with me, and how proud he was of me, which was nice. Honestly I was sort of out of it, I think. Just really tired. But happy of course, you know. I still sort of feel that way ... I'm not getting much sleep, and just sitting around the house a lot. I don't have a lot of time to do ANYthing which is sort of annoying. Hopefully I'll eventually find some sort of balance again. I'm trying to keep her from sleeping too much today so that she'll sleep more tonight. Last night was really really tough. I had been feeling sort of bad earlier in the evening; emotionally bad. Which I guess is normal. I just felt sort of sad. We went to bed around 11, and she woke up 2 hours later and wouldn't go back to sleep for 3 hours. ugh. I was so sleepy and grumpy. We laid in bed this morning till 11, but it wasn't very good sleep for me at all.

Anyway, even though it is hard, I'm glad she's here. And I'm SO GLAD I am no longer pregnant. I can't imagine how it would feel if I was still pregnant right now. My due date was 2 days ago. It's awesome to be able to bend down and pick things up, and to stand closer to the kitchen counter, and to not pee when I sneeze. Woops, too much info?

My mom came to help out for a few days last week which was awesome. She thoroughly cleaned my kitchen and bathroom and I loved every minute of it. She took Virginia and I on our first outing to the library and Homespun where she got to hang out with her new friend, Zeke.


Oh and here is a picture of Brandon as a baby, and one of Virginia. They look eerily similar. Brandon said, "Well, at least I'm sure she's mine." lol.


Photo 137

I hope you have enjoyed my update. That's all I'll give you for now. I must tend to the little one. Bye!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My time as a library page is now over. I really loved that job. Sure, I would grumble and complain about having to get up and go somewhere for 8 hours, only to come home to be too tired to work my "main job" as illustrator. I would sometimes get really bored when we were all caught up with shelving and I had to find other things to keep myself busy. And my paycheck? Although the regularity of it was comforting, the amount of it was kind of a joke. But even still, I think it was one of the best, if not THE best, job I've ever had. At my last job, I was a retail manager, which meant lots of responsibility. But a page? Doesn't have a lot of responsibility. Sure, it's very important for the library books to be in the correct order. But I had little to no contact with patrons, which I enjoyed a great deal. Sorry, patrons. I helped you when I could, but since I do not have a masters in library science, I could only look up things in the catalog about as good as you could.

Here is a small snippet of a large spread I did for Ladybug magazine just a couple of weeks ago, for a story about a children's library. Appropriate? Yes.

library thumb

But now, after a year and a half, my time there is over. I can't really even believe it. Now I'm on to a new phase of life. As long as it is financially feasible for our family, I will be a stay-at-home-mom. And a work-from-home-mom. This is crazy, but exciting. It's something I've wanted for a long time, and now it's almost here. We've now entered the "waiting game." I want her to stay in there another couple of weeks, but I guess we'll see how it goes!

36 weeks 2
(We're almost ready for you, but not quite.)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Oh man, I can't get over these watches!! I pretty much love all of them, however this one is my favorite:


I love that it looks small, even on a Japanese woman's wrist. I can't tell you how many times I've had people say, "Holy crap! You have such thin wrists!" I'm not sure if that is a compliment, or just an observation ... but I do know that having a smaller wrist circumference makes me more at risk for osteoporosis. Yay! Anyway, I also love that this watch involves embroidery. I thoroughly enjoy embroidery. Wish I could drop the $129 on it right now, but I guess I should probably save that money for my baby coming soon. However, if you bought it for me, I would love you forever! Also I would make you an equivalent amount of cat-erpillars, probably even one-of-a-kind cat-erpillars, to reward you with your generosity. Think it over.

This weekend I am going to the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago with my mom (and dad, who offered to drive us so we wouldn't have to take the train in from South Bend, and I wouldn't be surprised if one or two of my brothers decide they desperately need to follow us around and be bored ...). This is probably going to be the last little trip I take before the baby comes. Then next week is my last week to work at the library, and that Sunday my friends Sally and Sarah are throwing me a baby shower. I am excited for this! I kind of thought maybe no one would give me a shower, and I was sad. But now of course, because I am lame, I feel guilty to have a shower, because I hate making people feel like they have to buy me presents. You don't have to buy me presents! Just come and eat cake! Although presents are nice, of course.

Now I will sort some more baby laundry, and I guess pack some stuff for my trip. See you later!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Time is running out! I am 34 weeks, exactly.

34 weeks 3

I have anywhere from 4 to 8 more weeks. Although it'd be nice to not be pregnant any more, I am hoping she takes her time. I have tons of work to get done between now and her arrival, and the more time I have to do it, the better!

Other things in my family life are continuing to get better and stay better. It's amazing how life can throw you for a huge loop, you seem to reach the end of the world, but suddenly you realize how that's the way things were supposed to go. You couldn't have predicted it, but things are better now than they've been in a very long time. I am very grateful for the people in my life, and the way events are unfolding before me. I'm sorry to be vague ... just know that I'm very happy these days.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I've wanted to show you how my portraits progress from beginning to end.

First of all, people send me pictures of who and what they want to see in the final portrait. Here are Robin and Zered from my latest project:

robin and zered4

Usually I get tons and tons of pictures of each person in different positions and in different environments which helps me get a really good idea of what they look like.

In an email, Robin told me what sorts of things she and Zered like to do together. They enjoy cooking, their adorable pet cat, Berlioz, and are obsessed with beer.

robin sketch

After Robin told me she thought the sketch looked good, I went ahead and started working on filling in the water color. (I meant to scan the image at this point, but I totally forgot!)

After the watercolor is done I go back over everything with mechanical pencil.

robin final web

Life is getting back to normal bit by bit. I've been seeing lots of friends, and creating good memories. Baby is getting closer to arriving, and has apparently already found the correct position for her arrival ... 7 more weeks until I hit 40 weeks. I feel like I'm preparing myself for the possibility of only 4 more weeks, since I was 3 weeks early. Anything could happen, I guess.

I started my day with a bagel and hypnobirth practice (it's sort of like meditating, and leaves me feeling really peaceful and ready for the day). Then I went up to my studio to start working, and realized the folding chair I sit on while I draw was still in my car from the show I did yesterday. So I went outside to get it, and noticed that it was a BEAUTIFUL morning. Warm, but lovely in the shade, and with a nice breeze going. I decided before I could do anything, I needed to take a walk. And bring home a cup of coffee. I've been sort of addicted to coffee from Lazy Daze lately. It's just so good! So I don't know if it was the hypno-practice, or the walk, or the fresh air, but I'm in a fantastic mood, and ready to get lots of work done!

Here I am, 32 weeks, housing the one who gets hiccups every single day.

32 weeks

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

holly final web

My most recent family portrait I've done. I think it turned out pretty well. As I do more and more of these, I'm finding it easier to be more accurate with likeness, which is a plus when you are doing portraits of people.

holly detail

I have not been very updatey, I just realized. Things have been sort of ultra crazy around here. Some huge family issues are being worked out that have left me exhausted and unable to do anything besides basic day-to-day functioning. Things are looking up this week, though, and with looming deadlines, I'm finding it a bit easier to start working again. So, never fear, customers who are waiting on drawings! They are still sitting on my table; they will be finished soon.

Oh and in case you were wondering what my pregnant self looks like, here is a sample of me at 30 weeks:

30 weeks

Still growing! I feel I've reached the final countdown ... only 9 more weeks?? With the potential for only 7 more weeks?? Although my midwife claims I'll "go long" since baby is apparently a petite one. She thinks she'll want to stay in to cook a bit longer. Guess we'll see what happens!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Things are going somewhat well over here. Everything is going well with the baby so far, and I've been feeling pretty good and keeping up with my job and artwork. My husband is very unhappy with his job, and is constantly trying to find a new one, but to no avail. Anyone have any ideas? He's even open to something completely unrelated to design.

Last night we did something fun, which honestly is kind of rare for us. We used to go out and do fun stuff all the time, but now we are sort of boring and don't go out much, and a "fun evening" consists of eating dinner together and maybe working out in the garden. But last night we drove all the way up to Connor Prairie to see the Sci-Fi Spectacular at the Symphony on the Prairie. It was really fun! We somehow couldn't find our folding chairs, but then we were able to sneak in real close with our blanket. Since we sat so low to the ground we didn't have to worry about blocking anyone's view. They opened with the Star Wars theme, and about a minute after I said, "I wonder if they'll do The X-Files," they totally did. They also had this tiny lady do the vocals for the Star Trek theme, and it was pretty amazing. About a quarter of the way through, George Takei from Star Trek came out and talked. He was quite silly.

Here you can see George:
George Takei

Storm troopers and Darth Vader in front of the Indianapolis Symphony:
storm troopers! darth vader!

When it first started it began to get more and more cloudy.
storm rolling in

For some reason meteorologist Chuck Lofton from channel 13 news was there, and made announcements about the weather from time to time. About half way through the program it seemed the conductor just sort of ran off stage, and the musicians started milling around and going off stage also. We thought maybe it was intermission, but ol' Chuck came back out and said the storm was getting too close, and that we all, hundreds and hundreds of people, should head out to our cars and wait for it to blow over. Brandon and I just sat around for awhile waiting for the mobs of people to clear out and to decide what to do. Eventually it started getting really dark, so we decided to head for shelter. I went into the bathroom and when I came out it was pouring. We took shelter on the side of the potty building under a ledge and just waited to see what would happen. Eventually Chuck came back and announced they had canceled the rest of the show. So sad! We finally get to do something, and half of it is canceled. Oh well, it was still fun!

Today is our first "baby class." It was supposed to be last Sunday, but it got rescheduled. We are going to be learning Hypnobirthing, and I'm sort of nervous but also intrigued. The lady who teaches it is actually coming to our house and meeting with us one-on-one, so it should be interesting. So, I guess I should go clean the house before she gets here ...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Today is beautiful outside! I should really take myself out for a walk, but occasionally I'm finding some of my first trimester nauseousness making a comeback ... and it's happening today, of course. So I'm enjoying my back porch. Which was nice and peaceful until my neighbor's handyman arrived and made her dog yip like crazy. Shush!

The baby is still growing, see?

25 weeks
Taken this afternoon.

Here is something I made for my friend Amanda's baby, who is due to arrive about 6 weeks before my little McNugget.


It's just a little pillow thing I made out of scraps. I put a jingle bell inside, but it's sort of muffled. I would like to make more toys like this, but I need to figure out how to make it less muffled. Also I should make them a bit smaller. I think this one will be good for hugging, but it's not so good for jingling, really, since it might be difficult for a little guy to grab and shake. I'm hoping to be able to unveil a bunch of new little things like this to bring to shows this summer to keep my booth fresh!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Well, the Crohn's/Colitis walk was a success! The walk as a whole was able to surpass it's goal (although I can't remember how much it was ... something ridiculous sounding, like $16,000!) Here is Max, the honored hero:


Look at that blue sky! I accidentally had my camera on a weird setting, so everything looks all super bright and weird.

After the walk we stayed for the Silverhawks baseball game. Here's their mascot.


In case you were wondering, my faithful assistant and I picked the winner of the "Great Cat-erpillar Giveaway" yesterday. The winner is my old babysitter! She now lives in Germany.


And here's a detail from a new drawing:

giraffe detail

We have not been as good at yard upkeep this year, and when I heard it was in the 60s and low humidity this morning I decided to power weed. The front walk is about to be overtaken, so I started there first. After about half hour/45 minutes, my hands were so swollen I felt like I was wearing baseball mitts! I couldn't and still currently can't get my wedding rings off, which is so weird because they're usually quite loose and drive me crazy with spinning around my finger all day. Hello, pregnancy, you bring some weird surprises!

Oh and I almost forgot! Brandon's hair has been getting very long. He likes it long; I always beg him to cut it. At some point I mentioned buying clippers to buzz it, and he said, "If you buy them, I'll let you do it."

Here he is, regretting that he agreed to this:


And here he is after:


He turned into a zombie! Oh no!!

(in case you didn't know ... Brandon and his friends made a movie called "Oh, No! Zombies!")

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Although at first glance July seemed to be a barren, art-free month, it's turning around quite nicely. I have no shows lined up, but just last week my portraits were featured in Etsy Finds. This is published online, but it also goes out in a mailing list to whoever subscribes. My shop saw many new pairs of eyes, and I got a few new portrait commissions, so things are looking up! Here are some portraits I've done recently, all for Father's Day gifts:


rob final web

theresa final web

I've been really enjoying doing these projects, and getting to know the families through their pictures and stories. Keep 'em coming, everyone!
ETA: I just realized that all three of these have little boys with their arms raised high! A coincidence? What does this tell you about my brain? I don't know.

We started a garden again this year. Got kind of a late start, but things are finally starting to come up.

Here are some cucumbers that are already about ready to eat!


They were an accident ... we did not plant these on purpose, you see, they are growing ...

out the side of the compost bin! How silly!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Yesterday was the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange. It was a pretty good day, although it was hot! I had a table inside, but the indiana mugginess still managed to seep in.

I had a few new Cat-erpillars and some original paintings, which are now listed in my etsy shop. Here's a little peek:

cat and bird sweet owl

angus fritz with weight

Here also is a sneak peek of me:

22 weeks 2
Still growing! 22 weeks.

I took a break of sorts from working today. I have a bunch of projects to be working on, but I feel like my lazy sundays are limited so I should take full advantage of them now. Even though it was a "break" I still did things like clean my house, which always makes me feel better about life. Now little bits of dirt dragged in from outside don't stick to my feet when I walk across the room! The laundry is done, and I'll have a fresh bed to sleep in tonight! Right now I am watching Dracula, which I am finding to be a silly movie. I guess I can't take anything seriously that stars both Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves. Oh and also the guy from Robin Hood: Men in Tights (and the Princess Bride), haha. Oh Hollywood.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hello! I'm here to solicit donations for the Crohn's Colitis Walk again. This is to benefit people like my two younger brothers (who have now both surpassed me in height ... how did that happen) who suffer from Colitis. This year lil' Max (the tallest one in the picture below) is the Honored Hero for the South Bend walk!


Help us kick some butt and reach our goal! Last year we raised the second highest amount of money, and this year we'd like to be #1 in support of Max!

If you'd like to make a donation, you can go to this site: 2010 Take Steps for Crohn's and Colitis.

Also, if you are a facebook fan, I'm having a drawing coming up next week for a Cat-erpillar of your choice. If you're a fan, you're automatically entered to win ... but for every $10 you donate to the CCFA walk, you'll receive another entry into the raffle ... Help someone, and potentially get a cool cat? Awesome. To become a fan of Cordial Kitten, go here.

Thanks for listening to my commercial! I might update again later today ...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

And now for something completely different:

I will give you a recipe! Well a recipe of sorts. Really just a list of ingredients for you to pick and choose and throw into a bowl and probably have tasty results.

I give you Strawberry Raspberry Blackberry Ginger Mint Sorbet! (or SRBGM Sorbet.)


1 package strawberries, hulled (my package was 16 oz)
1 package raspberries (my package was 6 oz)
1 package blackberries (my package was 6 oz, although I ended up throwing most of them out because they were rotten. Dang, Kroger. Dang.)
Finely chopped mint (approximately 1 tablespoon*)
Freshly grated ginger root (1 tablespoon?)
1 cup of water (I used a little more than a cup)
1 cup of sugar

1. Place all berries in a food processor and blend until smooth. Pass berry mixture through a mesh sieve to remove seeds (if you so desire ... I didn't feel like it, and it's fine. Just a bit seedy).

2. Bring water to a boil. Add mint and ginger. Add sugar and stir until dissolved.

3. Take off heat and add berry mixture. Allow to cool.

4. You can make this in an icecream maker if you have one. I do not. So I put it in the freezer and stir every hour or so. It takes 4+ hours to sufficiently freeze.


*I found it to be not quite as minty as I was hoping. Probably either adding more mint would help, or maybe just simmer the water for awhile with the mint? I'm not sure. Yesterday was my first day making it, so I haven't done any experimenting yet. Also next time I make it I will probably cut back on the sugar. I based this off of a bunch of different recipes, and most of them called for 1 1/4 cup of sugar, but I still thought 1 cup was a little too sweet. But maybe I'm just weird.

Next time I'm going to try ginger peach sorbet! Can't wait!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Yesterday was the ultrasound ... and it's a girl! Brandon is so excited.

Here is one of the best pictures. You can see a foot, a leg, and an alien head with a fist next to it.

ultrasound leg, hand, head

I had just eaten lunch about an hour before we went, so the girl was bouncing all around in there. The technician, a lady with an accent and a headscarf, kept saying, "My! What an active baby!" She also said she noticed the baby kept "touching the placenta." She said, "It must bring her great comfort." Then because she was moving around so much, we couldn't get a really great profile shot, which is sad. But oh well. Soon I will have more profile shots than you can handle.

I'm glad it's a girl, although I keep thinking how awful it would be if she was wrong, heh. Now I can look at cute girl things. But hey! Don't buy us lots of pink stuff! I'm sure I'll get some pink stuff, but really, if that's all we get I'll be sad!

We worked some more in the garden last night. I just pulled lots and lots of weeds. It's gotten a little out of control, but hopefully soon we'll be back up and running. I'm really excited this year because we're going to have both red and yellow bell peppers! Last year we tried to start those from seeds, but they kept failing. This year we started with little baby plants, and I hope they will actually produce. I looove bell peppers. Which is crazy since when I was a kid they made me want to throw up.

Today I have so much work to do, but of course I don't want to start it. I have 2 cats to finish for an order, and the thought of going up into my studio is like torture. It's super hot up there. It's not very hot outside yet, but I'm sure it is hot up there already. We have an a/c for me, but it needs to go in the window, which I am not going to do alone. hopefully when Brandon comes home he'll do it for me. This is day one of a 5 day long "weekend" full of work that mostly needs to take place upstairs. ugh.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hello! I just wanted to write real quick to invite you to donate to a walk I'm participating in for the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation. Both my brother's have colitis, and are doing really well these days (although my littlest brother Max still has on-going treatment). This year Max is the South Bend "Local Honored Hero," so there's a blurb about him in all their brochures and on their website. Last year my family's team was the second highest money raiser in South Bend, and this year, since Max is the hero, we're aiming to be #1!

To help us at least reach our goal, please go to our team page. (Our goal is actually $1,000, not $150 like it says).

Thanks so much everyone!

And just so this post gets dressed up a bit, here's a close up of a piece I just finished last week.

secret sisters thumb

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I just remembered the other OTHER thing I wanted to tell you about. Last Thursday, I went and visited Holy Name Catholic School. My friend Julie is the art teacher there, and she has very patiently been asking me for ages if I could come in and talk to some of her classes. I don't normally do school visits. I don't know if you can tell from this blog, but I am actually a fairly quiet and reserved person in most situations. Unless I know you really really well. I dislike being the center of attention, and during a school visit, that's exactly what I am. This visit was different, though. Since I know Julie, we were able to tag team it. She did a lot of talking, too, and was able to help me control the kids. I'm not good with large groups of kids.

She's been trying to send some pictures to me, and we've had some technical difficulties. So far this one is the only one that's made it through:


I don't know if you can tell, but I'm drawing the lion from Oliver at the Window. The kids did a really good job following my steps. This was the 4th grade class.

When the kindergarteners came, I remembered that I had my own camera. So I took some pictures of the lions they drew. Again, fantastic work!

24176_638068957804_27301861_36214189_7451649_n 24176_638068952814_27301861_36214188_913233_n

So it was a pretty fun day. I hope the kids had fun, too!