Saturday, May 30, 2009

our garden is growing


This is "secret corn." brandon planted it off to the side of everything, i don't know why. but he was sneaky, and it's a secret. shh.

remember i was curious about what the carrots look like under the dirt? well we got to find out:


we had to thin them out a bit. see? they look all carroty already!

these guys have grown a LOT since my last pic:


brandon put this together last weekend:
it's 11 feet tall! i bought it last year, it was something like 90% off, and was only $3.50. hopefully someday we'll have viney things growing on it.

here is the almost-finished compost box brandon built:
it just needs some latches. we somehow lost the ones we bought, so we're going to buy more tomorrow. then we can start making less trash, and more fertile soil!

Brandon has done so much for our garden, and is working very hard. he deserves a hand. as in some clapping. click any pics to see lots more that i took today.

we went to see Up today, and I must say it was very good! there were at least 3 different parts where i thought i was going to start crying. it was surprisingly sad, but funny and heartwarming, and the animation was amazing as always. we didn't see it in 3D, but it was still great. oh and brandon also said that the parts made him very sad too. and next to me was an older lady who i could hear sniffling a bit, and i heard a little girl ask her "what's wrong, grandma?" so, it's one of those children's movies that is good for everyone, which is great. go see it!

i've been feeling really good about life the last couple days. complete 180. i feel very appreciated and loved, and am sending out a good amount of love myself. perhaps it's the good weather.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

i'm trying to see what is good instead of focusing on what is bad. A couple days ago while discussing something bad the song "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" (Monty Python, come on) just popped into my head all on its own. And I listened.

The best thing about yesterday was when I was walking home. I was approaching an intersection and I smelled black top. Normally, the smell of black top is nothing to celebrate, except yesterday it was. As soon as I smelled it, I knew exactly what it was from: they had repaved University Ave. I could have cried with happiness! University was one of the worst roads I have ever driven on in my life, but it has such a convenient route that I take it often (possibly why my muffler is now presumably loose ...). The city bus also found it convenient, which is why it was so torn up. It was basically one giant pot hole with some small sections of road. It was a death sentence to ride a bike down it (so instead you ride on the sidewalk and get attacked by large overgrown bushes and thorny roses). But now it is beautiful and smooth and I can't wait to take a drive down it without getting a headache after two blocks. Hooray, city, you finally granted my wish.

I'm too tired to think of something good about today. So I will leave you with this:


Saturday, May 23, 2009


I was interviewed.

Brandon thinks my last post makes me sound like i don't want work. i do want work. i just need something inside myself to change so that i do not go insane. i need new methods of time management.

I need to go water the new flowers i just planted.
Here are some of the things that Brandon has been working so hard to grow:

One of our little garden areas. We planted a bunch of stuff in those mounds, but they are not coming up yet. So we're going to try again today. I'm suspicious that birds and squirrels have been digging up the seeds. I just went out there and scared a bunch of them off. That front box has 3 blueberry bushes, future source for blueberry pancakes.

this is in the other little garden area. those are carrots. notice how their tops are already looking carroty. i want to see if their bottoms look carroty too but it would probably kill them if i dig them up already.

tomatoes and very determined onions.

He is doing a wonderful job. If it were up to me, there would be no garden. None of the flower seeds I planted in the front yard are coming up, except for the gladiolus bulbs ... and I broke one of them in my frantic search through the mulch. Brandon shook his head and said he should have helped me plant the poor little seeds. I'm going to try again this afternoon, I think.

I keep meaning to tell you about the new mindset I am trying on. A mindset of calmness. It is hard for me to explain, so I think that is why I haven't tried yet. For so long I have been working very hard to become "an illustrator." I would like to continue to work hard at this, however I need to give myself a little credit; praise myself for what I have accomplished. I have this voice in my head that says that old phrase, "Yeah, but what have you done LATELY?" Which keeps me constantly striving to do more, to one up myself. I know this is a good thing, but not when it drives me crazy. It makes me feel bad that I "don't accomplish enough," that I must always be constantly working on my art and if I take one little break, even if it's to wash the dishes, I am not working hard enough. So because of this, our living environment has suffered greatly. So this last week I have been trying to keep myself calm. I set small goals for myself, and I meet them. Nothing unrealistic. Even though that pile of promo cards has been gathering dust, they are simply going to wait. If I send them out in July instead of June, it's going to be ok. I am tired of this race against time that sucks all the fun out of my art. I want to enjoy my life. I want to enjoy my clean house, and as dorky as it sounds, enjoy being domestic, making our life pleasant. I want to sit down and make artwork because it makes me feel good. For so long I've been chasing deadlines and doing nothing for myself. I always want to have those deadlines hanging around somewhere; I like getting paid to do something I love. But I don't want them at the expense of my sanity. The next month is going to be a whirlwind of deadlines and horror, but as soon as that is done I will have at least two months of nothing much going on, which I am going to embrace. The upstairs studio will get finished, the kitchen ceiling will finally be painted, maybe I'll even get to strip more wallpaper (although that's a horror all its own).

If you are reading this and are someone who wants to give me an assignment ... don't listen to anything I just said. I want assignments.

Friday, May 15, 2009


sad this is the last bite of my spicy salmon roll. so delicious! now i am quite full. the rolls i got brandon to have for dinner later are staring at me, though, and i would like to chow on them, but he would totally know. i don't think he'd believe me if i said "oh for some reason the chef cut them into 5 pieces instead of 6." dang.

when i drove my car today it was like "VROOOOOOOOOOOOOM" when i would accelerate. that is new. muffler maybe? how come things keep breaking? clogged toilet earlier this week. on-going slow bathroom sink. completely stopped up tub today. ipod, dead. had things on car fixed a couple weeks ago, and now this new weirdness. ugh!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

These smell so good; I want to tie one under my nose so I can keep smelling it all day.

It's been raining and raining. You are probably aware of this, if you live in the US. It just keeps trooping across the country. I usually love the rain, but being a homeowner brings up lots of things I didn't have to worry about before. A few years ago when we lived in an apartment by Fall Creek, the parking lot would flood several times every spring, which meant trudging through calf-high water to get to your car, and then driving through at least 12 inch deep water to make it out of the parking lot, which was pretty scary. But we lived on the top floor of the apartment, and our belongings weren't in any danger of flooding. It would have only happened with a catastrophic flood of Fall Creek, which I believe happened at some point in history, but we prayed it wouldn't while we lived there. And it didn't.

But now we have our house. Last year when Indiana flooded really bad, we also flooded really bad (because we're in Indiana). You might remember me posting about it. It seems everyone's yard is a bit higher than ours, so the water runs off and collects directly in our back yard. Also our back yard is mostly patio/basketball court, so there isn't really anywhere for the water to go. Except into our newly planted garden, and our basement. Brandon made these mound-things for the veggies to be planted in, so currently they are above water level. And right now we only have rivers running through our basement, and will hopefully avoid Lake Basement, which appeared last spring.

Last night I mostly got done with all the sketches for my next book. I'm just going back over them now to make sure I didn't forget anything, and to tighten them up. Have I mentioned my mondo-busy-ness until July? It's going to be a whirlwind until then, and I can't wait for it to be over. I enjoy working, and I don't want the work to be over forever, but I really am going to need a break. Please get here quickly!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


i have been neglecting the blog.

i've been here, there, out-of-town, neglecting dishes, watching movies, making 17 drawings, trying to momentarily forget the fact i need to make a bajillion things for upcoming shows, petting mona, laughing with brandon.

first of all, the crohn's/colitis walk went great. thanks to everyone who helped contribute!

here is max and i:
(that's not my real smile)

it was a beautiful evening, perfect for walking.



this last week has been really great around the house. i've been working on drawing like a crazy woman, trying to keep myself ahead of schedule. so far so good. brandon has been working outside a lot trying to get our garden started. i salute him. i've always fancied a garden, but i lack the drive to make it a reality.

within a one week span, 2 movies we have been awaiting premiered: X-Men and Star Trek. We almost NEVER go to movies any more. Why go out when we could just wait a few months and rent them on netflix? But we just had to go see these two. i love x-men, and brandon loves star trek. both were great! it felt wonderful to have two date nights in one week. it is spring, we are happy, we go on dates. hooray!

now i should do some working, but we just got home from star trek, and movies sort of zap my brain a bit, so we'll see how much i get done. i must rest up for tomorrow because we have another date: a planting and mowing date!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

tonight my dad was trying to remember how to fold a handkerchief mouse. his dad used to make them all the time, and we thought it was awesome. "you put a little motor in it, and then it can jump!" But my dad couldn't quite remember how to make one, so I looked it up. this video makes one exactly right, and the guy even does the fun jumping part at the end!

Handkerchief Mouse - Click here for more free videos

i'm in south bend again, fyi, for the crohn's/colitis walk. a better update soon!