Saturday, December 19, 2009

dogs web

two pups, a portrait for a friend from work. the doggy on the right has gone off to heaven, and she wanted a nice reminder of them playing together for her family.

now i am down to one portrait before the holidays, and won't have any more to think about until january. yah! perhaps during my christmas break i'll be able to finish painting the storm windows, and other practical things around the house that i always think i'll get around to someday.

the christmas shopping is finished up, and only have a few things to make before christmas eve. I went to the winter farmers market today and got this AMAZING cheese dip (two full containers!) to bring to our two family Christmases, from a place called Country Mouse City Mouse. It's cream-cheesy and horseradishy, and so delish! I almost can't keep myself out of the fridge, away from devouring it ... one of my families won't know that the other got a nice package of cheese, I can just eat one all by myself, right?

Last night Brandon and I went to the holiday party for the library where I work, and a coworker asked me what my goal is in life. I think he is either afraid that I won't want to shelve books forever, or afraid that maybe i will. But it was a funny question for me, because for a long time my goal in life has been to have my drawings in a children's picture book. And now I've done that. But I don't consider myself done, I would like to keep working. But working towards what? What is my new goal? I guess I sort of don't know. I would like to make more books, perhaps write my own book. I would like to get famous, but is that a realistic goal? Not really. So I guess if I'm going to have a New Year's resolution this year, it will be to figure out my new goal.

I'm hoping this new year will bring lots of good things. I have two major "situations" that I hope will come together in a way that I like, and the way that is best. I have 1 gallery show scheduled, and 2 more tentatively scheduled. I have a big trip to the Big Apple to stay with friends and attend the SCBWI conference. It looks like it's going to be pretty good, right?

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