Saturday, December 5, 2009

Last night was my last show of the year. Thank god! Not that I don't love the opportunity to do shows. I really do love the idea that I make things and people buy them, which is something I've wanted to do since the 3rd grade (I remember making my own catalog of jewelry I could make, mostly friendship bracelets). But it will be really nice to have a "break" and concentrate more on my etsy shop, my illustration biz, and things around the house like finally painting those storm windows (they are all currently sitting in my dining room waiting for paint and glazing ... needless to say our house is even colder than it should be right now).

So next week after finishing up a huge cat-erpillar order, I will be working on some personal portrait commissions for the holidays. Here is a sneak peek of one:
From the family of bears series.

Last night my friend Sally and her boyfriend Mark stayed over, and we're going to run around the city and play today, which will be great fun. Hope you are having a great weekend, too!


jenny elkins said...

Enjoy your time. I have one more to gooooooo!!!!! Maybe time for lunch?j

Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

yes lunch soon! good luck with your last one!