Sunday, December 13, 2009

I can't believe this weekend is over already. It was supposed to feel super long and amazing because I had 3 whole days off with which to do whatever I wanted. No shows, no fixing things on my house. Just hanging out and working on getting last minute art projects done. But now here it is, Sunday night once again. sigh.

I forgot to tell you that yesterday we went to see Fantastic Mr. Fox. I know I read that book when I was a kid, but I can't remember at all what it was about. So I have no idea if it followed the story faithfully or anything like that, but I must say I thought it was a great movie. I just loved the feel of it. The shots and odd perspective were amazing. It made us laugh out loud. It was about foxes. It had pretty much everything I could have hoped for, and the minute it comes out on DVD it shall be mine.

Between fun stuff, procrastinating yet again on painting the storm windows, and getting art projects done, I decided to teach myself how to make a purse with a zipper. I have a couple sewing books from the library and both of them have pretty extensive instructions on how to do this, yet no pictures showing the steps. So I would read them feeling like I was reading a foreign language. They just made no sense in my head at all. So I looked up a couple youtube videos that showed how to do it, and again I just wasn't able to really SEE what was going on. So I just cut out some fabric and started pinning things together, and through trial and error it finally just made sense. So here is my first attempt:

Photo 88

Photo 89

The only problem I can see is that the lining fabric is a bit too close to the zipper, and gets a little caught. So over time it will probably get worn and frayed. But next time it shall be perfect!

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