Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Posting has been slipping my mind. You'd think keeping up on the blogs I read would remind me to update my own, but no. I also have several saved drafts to post from weeks ago. Should I just go ahead and post them even though they are no longer in chronological order? I guess.

Well here is today. Today is the day before Thanksgiving. Tomorrow we shall be joining Brandon's parents for lovely food, and one of my favorite things: mashed potatoes. The day after Thanksgiving is, as I'm sure you know, "Black Friday." I am avoiding black friday. I never go out shopping on that day, it sounds like torture to me. I despise crowds and waiting in lines, and that's pretty much black friday in a nut shell. I'm pretty sure the only time I ever ventured out on black friday was the year Toy Story came out. My family was in Indianapolis visiting my cousins, and we all went to see the movie the day after Thanksgiving, and then walked around the new Circle Center Mall. That was 14 years ago. My god.

That being said ... I am definitely having a "black friday - cyber monday" sale in my etsy shop. So, if you live in the good ol' U.S., make a purchase between 11/27-11/30 and you'll get free shipping on any purchase (free shipping = refund through paypal after you've made your payment).

Oh and in case you are unsure as to whether or not you want to spend your hard earned money in my shop, just take a look at this guy:


He would love to live with you.

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@eloh said...

Your stiching is excellent. Nice and even... you are welcome around our quilting guild anytime.