Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy belated Halloween.


I forgot to tell you that I had sleep paralysis 3 times last month. Weird, huh? All three times it was the same, so by the last time it didn't scare me any more. But the first time, man. What happened was I "woke up" and heard people walking around in the house. Someone was either going to rob us, or hurt me. But I couldn't get up. My eyes were open, but no matter what I did I couldn't get up. When I finally actually woke up, I realized no one was really there, but every single hair on my body was standing up straight and I had goosebumps everywhere. It had felt so real! But yeah, by time #3 I knew no one was actually there, but it was still very frustrating that I couldn't get up. Such a weird feeling! Brandon said he's had this happen a few times, too. One time he fell asleep on his parents couch and "woke up" to find a dead body on their coffee table. Heh!

Now onto the pictures.

Here is a better image of the beautiful glowing tree out front:

Then later it threw up on brandon's car.


Now the tree is all bare. I suppose it's time to rake.

Here is part of my new beloved studio:


And finally, the best costume I saw at the Irvington Halloween Festival last saturday:
it's bender!

This week I will be doing my very first book signings with the author of Oliver at the Window, Elizabeth Shreeve. I am very nervous! Not so much nervous for the signings, but for the school presentation. Yikes!

See you later.

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