Sunday, October 25, 2009

yesterday brandon and i finally went to see Where the Wild Things Are. He wasn't sure he liked it, but I enjoyed it a lot. However, I spent the majority of the movie wanting to cry ... as I get older I'm becoming one of those women who cries at Hallmark commercials, so you can imagine what happens during a movie with a lonely little boy who makes up sad stories and is quite unhappy and angry.

The past couple of days have been really beautiful, weather wise. The trees all around us are turning to gold, and it's amazing when you walk underneath one of them and the light filtering though seems to change the whole atmosphere. Here is the one in our front yard:


I didn't capture the amazing light. But it's still pretty.

Next saturday (halloween!) is a mini INDIEana Handicraft Exchange event at the Halloween Festival in Irvington. Come on our if you can! The festival is a huge event that shuts down US 40, and they're on their 63rd year, so you know they must be doing something right. See you there!

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Yes, I want two books. I'll pop you an e-mail.