Friday, October 2, 2009

today i am going to be very busy, because tonight is the handicraft exchange. i have to clean the house, finish some stuffed animals (i may not have the new hybrids to sell this weekend after all, unless i can get these guys done), prep and freeze garden green beans (i always put that off ... it must be done today!!), and hopefully leave the house by 2:30. i'm not actually supposed to be there till 3:30, but i want to make sure to get a good place to park! and also if i'm awesome early, i can help with the set up of the event, which will probably be appreciated.

but despite all that, i decided that i need a hair cut. today. i cannot wait another day, it must be done today. it is weird, because my hair will grow, and i'll think "it's cool, no worries. it's growing, whatever." and then suddenly i'll be like "OH NO IT'S TOO LONG IT HAS TO BE SHORTERRR!" and also, i always feel more confident right after a hair cut (that is, until i discover that maybe it was cut too short, why won't it groooww?), and confidence will be good for tonight's event.

so, come on out, if you can! hopefully i will be there with shorter hairs, and not still trying to get my house cleaned.


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Jellyfish Opera said...

I love the work you have here! Your creativity goes without saying, it's beyond impressive and what your creating is just a thing of pure imagination, which something that's always a wonderful thing to run across. I can't help but want to see more and see where your going with it!

Air High Fives with all the best of luck with your work! It's amazing!