Monday, October 19, 2009

I have things to do, but I do not want to do things. I worked at the library all day, and now i just want to veg. i should be picking from:
scanning an image;
matting said image;
finishing a painting;
sewing cat-erpillars to send to the Renegade store;
bringing more things up to my studio.

instead i suppose i am mentally preparing myself for having to go get my tires rotated and checked tomorrow. it's a little overdue ... my signature from the paperwork from the last time i was there is just "candice hartsough." no mcdonald. uh oh. i'm hoping they're not like "oh well you just need 4 new tires, sorry."

here is a picture of me pretending to work last night:


A friend is applying for a grant for a *secret* project, and needed pictures of crafty people working in their studios. and hooray, since i'm halfway between old studio and new studio, we went up to the new one for the photo shoot. fingers crossed she gets the grant, because if she does, some amazing things will be happening soon. i'll keep you posted.

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