Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hello, all!

I am back from the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange! It was a fun day and a half, as always. I met some pretty awesome people, and saw lots of familiar faces (and I'll bet I didn't remember your names ... I only remember names after about the 30th meeting. Sorry!). One of my favorite things about doing fairs such as this one is the trading, which I am getting braver about instigating. Here are two great trades I made yesterday:


This pendant was made by Once Lost. I had the honor of having my booth right next to Michelle, the maker of these wonderful pieces. She uses things like antique watch parts to make beautiful steam punk type jewelry. I was proud to wear my piece today! Michelle also had the cutest baby boy. I kept stealing glances at him, and saw him do fun baby things, such as dancing to the loud music playing.


These earrings were made by Courtney Fischer. They are antiqued brass filigree that she painted turquoise. So pretty, and so light! I hate when earrings hang heavy in my ears.

I also traded for some yummy treats from The Hot Cookie. Lemon tarragon= love

So after the weekend's festivities, I'm taking it a bit easy today. I've been working on my website some, but we took the afternoon off to go to the Riley Days festival in Greenfield, and then went to see the movie Zombieland ... which I highly recommend, by the way. Brandon and I typically go to every zombie movie that comes out (because he loves them so, and i just like to tag along), but this one was actually a comedy, and we laughed out loud plenty of times!

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