Sunday, September 20, 2009

grasshopper close up
Hello, everyone. We entertained this house guest the other night. I had to kick him out.

Yesterday was the Fountain Square Art Fair. Sally and I really enjoyed being outside on such a beautiful day. We didn't even mind that it was windy, because even though everyone else's tents were threatening to blow away, ours was all secured by large cinder blocks! Hooray! Two people tried to take the tent down singlehandedly, though: one man tripped and one baby walked into one of the legs of the tent. Watch where you are going, people! Especially you, baby! Just kidding. It happens. I unfortunately do not have any pictures to show you of the event because I forgot my camera. How lame of me. We had some good picture opportunities, too. Especially later in the evening when the event was over. The sun was starting to go down and the light was just beautiful. It made all the buildings look dreamy.

Instead, I will show you this:

silly mona

Never mind scary glowing flash-induced cat eyes. Focus on the smallest box ever. What is wrong with cats?

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@eloh said...

I think cats do stupid things in front of us so we stay unaware of their truly sinister nature while we are not looking.

Someone clued me into this aspect on a recent post...seems reasonable.