Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our Trip

I haven't posted in awhile because I keep wanting to do a good post about our trip. But the more days that get in between then and now, the harder it gets to sit down and do it. I guess I will just try and do it.


First we went to Corydon. A whole week ago! Time. It passes. We stayed in a bed and breakfast for the first time. I guess it was actually in a building that had been built in the 1800's that was intended to be a hotel type place, so it wasn't completely bed-and-breakfasty, but it was close. We stayed on the 3rd floor, so we had lots of steps to climb. Breakfast was the kind of deal where all the guests go down at the same time and sit around a large table and eat things like grits with cheese and some sort of casserole and act somewhat awkward. Eventually one of the braver ladies started asking questions and everyone started talking. Brandon and I were by far the youngest guests. One of the guys who was 40-something, bald-yet-close-shaven-to-hide-it, dark framed glasses, dark clothes, riding his motercycle across the country with his mother, turned out to be a design professor. As soon as he said it I thought, "Of course! How did I not see it before?" He fit the profile impeccably.

It was really freaking hot in Corydon. Really hot and humid. But we still tried to walk around and enjoy the town. We saw a graveyard (we try to visit graveyards in new towns, seriously), and enjoyed some icecream at Butt Drugs, which is owned by the 3rd generation of Butts. For real.


That was pretty much all we did in the town because we were so hot. We also visited the place where the battle of Corydon took place, if I remember right, the only place in Indiana that saw a Civil War battle. Brandon pretended to be a proud homesteader.


We decided to loop back up and visit the Falls of the Ohio, which I have always wanted to see after I wrote a report about it in my Indiana Geology class.


I saw a sign warning visitors that it may feel up to 20 degrees hotter down there because of all the reflective limestone, and since it was already around 95 ... whew. But we braved it anyway.

I saw fossils.


And a stick.


Then we drove toward Mammoth Cave. We got to stay in the most amazing place ever: a teepee! or as it calls itself, "Wigwam Village." It was built in 1937, a realization of some dude's dream to someday have a kitschy and somewhat dirty motel.



Even though I found a booger on the wall, and the shower was sort of scary, it was totally worth $55 a night. For one night, though, another night would have killed me.

Tuesday was the big Mammoth Cave day. We only went on one tour since they're kind of pricey, but it was fun. Saw this kind of stuff:


It was slightly claustrophobic at times, but so so so much more fun than the other time I went "spelunking" for real. This time it was much more babyish, with handrails and first aid boxes every so often, lights, and a tour guide both at the front and the back of our large group. No belly crawls through muddy water, no headlights going out plunging you in darkness, no exiting the cave in a completely different location than the rest of your group.

On the way back up north, we visited a couple of Lincoln places (his birthplace and boyhood home), and stayed in Bardstown in a motel with a room that was at least 3 times the size of the teepee room, and was a few dollars cheaper. I guess you pay for your kitsch.

Wednesday we visited the Jim Beam distillery which was sort of a bust because they didn't even have a distillery tour, but we did get to have a whiskey tasting at 11am.

Our final stop was Louisville. I went there to visit my new friend Karen Hartsough, who apparently has no relation to me, at least none that we can trace at this time. Well she was married into the name anyway. Brandon and I had a heck of a time navigating our way through Louisville's diagonal nonsense streets, especially since our only map was a composite of several maps from brochures we'd picked up. But we found our way around eventually, and ended on a good note.

The end. Sorry that was so long. I guess you could have just clicked on the icecream above and seen all our pictures, and saved yourself my babbling. Too late!

k bai.


@eloh said...

Your first picture..and self looks like you are wearing a gown with a sash, neat effect.

I would love to walk into that drug store and ask if they sell any head medications...I guess they've heard all the butt drug jokes before...

The way you are looking at that stick...I would have kept my distance from you while you still had it.

It sounds like you both had a good time!

Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

hahaha, head drugs, that's good!