Sunday, August 23, 2009

The morning is over, and I just cannot get myself to start working. I did a little morning sketch, which is helpful, and here I am updating the blog. I guess those are considered work. But just barely.

Here are some pretty garden flowers:

sunflower center




Here is an awesome book I got yesterday:


Each page has a different "List" topic, and then blank lines. You fill in the lines with things about yourself. Ie, "List your favorite books," or "List the fashion trends you've had over the years." I think it will be fun.

Here is Sally yesterday at the fringe fest. She is anticipating eating the veggies I was cutting up.


The fringe thing was sort of a bust. There were supposed to be 6 tents selling to the theater goers, and it turned out there were only two. When we got there to set up, a Hispanic festival was going on. So we had to wait for them to tear down. Then it poured down rain. When the sun started coming out, we decided it looked safe enough to set up, even though our two tent group was sort of pathetic. A few people wandered in and out of our tents, but no one bought anything. And then suddenly, this happened (Illustrated for you in a crudely drawn comic):

broken tent comic

So. Now I have to buy a new tent. Lame!

Ok, sewing time. See ya.


@eloh said...

That's so funny, but sad, very sad...when I stop laughing I'll be sad for you, very sad... hehehehe

@eloh said...

I forgot about the flower.... I think that is the most beautiful AND interesting picture of a flower I have seen ....ever.

Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

haha. thanks. i think it's pretty funny too, except for the hassle of having to find a new one. i'm just glad no one was impaled.

James N. said...

can't we fix it?

Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

we thought we might be able to super glue it (damn plastic joint broke in two places), but upon further investigation one of the pieces that was already broken previously and still worked, fell off somewhere in the grass and is now lost. and is essential to putting on the roof. this is what i get for purchasing a cheap tent from walmart. never again.

jenny elkins said...

Candise....want to use mine for the FEAST? jenny