Friday, August 7, 2009

mona is sitting on my arm and making it difficult to post. ok she got up.

Photo 32

i spent the morning drawing to meet a deadline, and then the rest of the afternoon running errands. very exciting.

Brandon's mom took us out to dinner for my birthday (it's on sunday!). It was pretty good. The food and the visiting. I got a margarita. Not the child size, but the next one up. every single time i say "child sized margarita" brandon goes "psssssh. child sized." but seriously, it's tiny, yo.

tonight i am planning a little trip brandon and i are taking. we've been, well, i've been, wanting to go to Mammoth Cave for like FOREVER and we're finally going to go! I remember noticing Mammoth Cave for the first time when Sarah and I were driving south on our way to Savannah, Georgia about 6 years ago. I'd heard of it before, but ever since I saw the actual signs for it I've been intrigued. but first on my birthday, we're driving to Corydon, IN. I dorkily saw that town featured in Indianapolis Monthly (one of our free magazine subscriptions, thanks coca-cola!), and it looks really cute. It was the first capitol of indiana, which I forget about that sometimes. it also has a place called Butt Drug. We're totally going there.

Tomorrow there is a Decemberists show here in Indy, and we would really like to go. We knew about this show, but somehow Brandon thought it was in September, but then he called me from work today saying it's actually tomorrow. So he got me all excited saying he would buy tickets. But when he got home he said the ticket master fees were too much, so tomorrow we're going to go try to buy tickets at the box office. if we are unsuccessful, we'll just drive around listening to their music in the car. which honestly i think would be just as fun.

I'm off to read 1984, now. See ya.


@eloh said...

Don't forget your camera! I want pictures of Butt Drug.

A town near me is named Oxford....but it used to be Lick Skillet.

Pearl Grey said...

I adore the Decemberists! Hope you get to go.