Sunday, August 2, 2009

i somehow feel like i didn't accomplish much this weekend. i spent a lot of time being idle. i guess that's ok. i started two cat-erpillars for orders that were made, did 3 sketches waiting for approval, did a couple other sketches for some paintings for myself (personal work?? what's that?), and i think that's pretty much it. over 3 entire days.

tonight i chopped up some veggies to attempt to make salsa. yesterday brandon's aunt and uncle gave us some peppers, and warned us they were hot. i totally believed them. i even tasted one to see just how hot it was. it was hot. but then i was unaware that you can get a lingering burn from the oils in the peppers. i knew i could get burned if the juice entered my eye, or my mouth, or a cut. but this was just plain ol' finger skin. it killed! and wouldn't go away no matter what i did. it's finally feeling better right now, like 3 hours later. dag. next time i will wear gloves. rubber gloves. i also learned that the oils can seep right through latex.

tomorrow is work, then the next day i get to go pick out new glasses! this is an exciting thing. my current glasses are 7 years old!! and not entirely the correct prescription. i'll be able to see really far away things soon!

our first carrots (we ate them with dinner):

we walked past this for many days without even noticing it has peas on it:
(i'm realizing what they say about city people being disconnected from the food they eat is true ... it is really weird to me to see these pea pods just growing on a little plant ... it's sort of equivalent in my mind to going outside one day and seeing a hamburger bush ... nature, you astound me)

and a busy bee butt.
bee butt

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@eloh said...

You did more than most people. Your pictures are stunning. Love the bee.