Friday, July 3, 2009

garden update

Nothing too exciting happening in my world these days. just doing a lot of coloring, and watching a lot of The Office. I discovered they have the first 4 seasons streaming on netflix so I've just basically been letting that play straight through for the last 3 days (while I am coloring).

The garden is doing well. We had an incident with "stinky grass," in which our neighbor left us a garbage bag full of her grass clippings when we asked so we could use them for mulch, but Brandon somehow didn't notice them on the side of the house for 2-3 days so they got all baked in the sun. Which made them very stinky. But somehow he didn't notice, or didn't realize how big of a deal it was until he had dumped them out on the ground under the tree. It smelled BAD. Like manure. And our neighbor was very upset because when she tried to sit on her back porch to enjoy the nice weather, she got grossed out. But yesterday Brandon buried them and now it seems to be all better. So interesting, I know!!



here is a size reference for the pumpkin leaves:


a cucumber with a butt that is looking really cucumber-y


these pumpkin flower buds look strangely threatening:


like they might shoot poison darts.


@eloh said...

Grass clipping, excellent stuff, the rot is good, smell bad,,,,you should have thrown them in your mulch cage and stirred them around a bit, it would have stepped up the process.
Don't know how many egg shells or coffee grounds you have to put in but they are two of the most excellent additions.

Never let anyone use of take tabacco near your garden. Can cause a very weird problem.

Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

the problem with the bin is that it is currently deconstructed and acting as a temporary gate to keep out whatever large animal was getting in and digging things up. so yeah, we would have composted it, but now it will just be under the big pine tree, making the soil richer for that guy.

@eloh said...

A dog will travel far and wide to dig up a fresh garden...