Friday, July 10, 2009

corn silk

did you know corn looked so exotic?

baby pumpkin

this will eventually become a pumpkin.

butterfly dinner

this butterfly tried so hard to drink from that flower from the wrong side of the fence; eventually figured out how to get around it and settled in for dinner right in front of me.

only 3 more drawings to go. 2 days to do them. i think i'm going to make it!


@eloh said...

Yes, I know all about corn. My first full time job was working the fields for Dekalb Seed Corn. That's really dating myself...I was tall for my age, you were supposed to be 14 to get hired full time.

What beautiful pictures, again.

Ooww what are you drawing? I missed this somehow.

And best of luck with those pumpkins...I am watching those with great interest as I never could get it done.

Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

actually i can't remember if i've even mentioned what i'm working on now ... it's another book! it's on schedule to come out this fall as well, as long as everything goes smoothly i suppose.

we joke about having a yard full of jack-o-lanterns this halloween, heheh, so hopefully the pumpkins will be successful.