Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Today is a home work day. A few weeks ago I learned a cool new trick: fusing plastic grocery bags. I had the brilliant idea to fuse bags and make garlands to sell in my shop. When I experimented, it was great. There were a few kinks, but I felt like I had it all worked out. So today I spent 3 hours making patterns, tracing patterns, cutting bags, removing debris. I got everything all together, began the ironing ... and all the plastic started shrinking! That definitely didn't happen in my experimenting before. So I guess I will be abandoning this new project for now. Not sure if I had the iron too hot, or maybe the cool air from outside was effecting it ... It's just pretty frustrating. Only a little over a week until the Indieana Handicraft Exchange, so I really can't afford messing up like this. I suppose it's my own fault to try something new so late in the game. So instead ... on to the sewing! The realm I know well.


@eloh said...

I went over and spent some time looking at your art work. You are very good.

Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

Thank you!