Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Here is my exciting illustration news: I am officially a published children's book illustrator! I received my first complementary copy in the mail yesterday. Brandon saw the package first (he usually gets home almost 2 whole hours before I do) and knew what was in there by the size and shape of the package, and was itching to open it, but refrained. I didn't even see it sitting there until we sat down to dinner. So exciting!

actual book, front

and the back:
actual book, back
(it has a barcode, even ... I remember drawing barcodes on the backs of little books and zines I made as a kid and teen ... now I have a real one!)

Thanks to everyone at Front Street and Boyds Mills who made this possible! As cheesy as it sounds, this truly is a dream come true, and I almost can't believe it is real.

oh and here is mona, for good measure:
I felt bad that she can't see outside any more with our new screen door, so I gave her a boost.

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@eloh said...

I'll be buying several copies at Books a Million for my relatives and to hold on to for future grandchildren.