Sunday, June 7, 2009

Everyone who will be in Indianapolis on June 13th needs to make sure they come and visit me at the Handicraft Exchange. Here are some new things that you will get to see if you are there:


They are all ready to go! They can't wait!

I will be bringing a lot of other new stuff along as well, you gotta check it out!

Oh and this is funny:



@eloh said...

Those are really cute. Seems your kitty has found some friends. ha

@eloh said...

I sent the

to my neice, she owns a yarn and fabric store up in that neck of the woods.

She's on vacation right now.

James N. said...

That was real funny . . . oh that Mona . . . Amber and I will actually be down in your neck of the woods that weekend, but we'll be out in the woods by Bloomington.

Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

daaaag james, too bad you guys can't make it. oh well, have fun!

@eloh said...

If you ever get over in this direction;