Monday, June 29, 2009

bet you can't guess what this is ...

baby cucumber

a baby cucumber, duh!


it's so weird looking, huh?

a baby onion. we got curious. we can't help ourselves, we need to pull things up and investigate them! (and yum yum yum, it's exactly like a grown up red onion, we're going to eat it probably)

i'm pretty sure this pumpkin plant is going to take over the world.

baby tomatoes i accidentally knocked off.

sorry if you are tired of garden photos, but we're just so proud of our growing veggie family.

i have exciting illustration news, but it will have to wait until tomorrow as it involves taking a picture and i'm tired of that for tonight (especially because photoshop and iphoto decided to stop communicating ... humph.)


@eloh said...

I can't garden anymore so I'm loving your play by play.

I never had much luck with the hill crops except zuccinni (sp).

I tried pumpkins several times but gave up. Just to hot down here I think.

Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

i'm glad you aren't bored with the status updates. it's so fun to take the pictures and compare them. i can see things growing day by day with just my eyes, but actually seeing them frozen in time is so awesome.