Friday, May 15, 2009


sad this is the last bite of my spicy salmon roll. so delicious! now i am quite full. the rolls i got brandon to have for dinner later are staring at me, though, and i would like to chow on them, but he would totally know. i don't think he'd believe me if i said "oh for some reason the chef cut them into 5 pieces instead of 6." dang.

when i drove my car today it was like "VROOOOOOOOOOOOOM" when i would accelerate. that is new. muffler maybe? how come things keep breaking? clogged toilet earlier this week. on-going slow bathroom sink. completely stopped up tub today. ipod, dead. had things on car fixed a couple weeks ago, and now this new weirdness. ugh!

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@eloh said...

Look on the bright side, maybe the muffler is just loose. yeah.

The exhaust system is one of the easiest things to fix, if you know someone that does that kind of work.