Saturday, May 23, 2009


I was interviewed.

Brandon thinks my last post makes me sound like i don't want work. i do want work. i just need something inside myself to change so that i do not go insane. i need new methods of time management.

I need to go water the new flowers i just planted.


jenny elkins said... have accomplished so much already. You never toot your own horn! Toot girl! Thing is (from experience) as long as you are self employed you are always going to feel the tug to work. Most people drive to a building go inside and work all day get back in their car and go home. We are surrounding by home and work. Figure out when you are most productive and work then. Do dishes during the other time. I can't get much done before lunch. So I do whatever in the morning then get some lunch then start working. But, then there are the times when you head isn't into it. Hard....but I know you love it!

julie said...

you're a lazy jerk. just accept it. ;-)